Fundraiser: North Korean Defector’s Journey to Freedom

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Citizens Alliance for North Korean Human Rights (NKHR) in collaboration with Yang Dong Geun

The NKHR has formed a collaboration with among others Korean rapper Yang Dong Gun, to create a fundraiser aimed towards helping North Korean Defectors tell their story through artistic talent.

Watch Yang Dong Geun talk about his work with the NKHR below:

The fundraiser is specifically targeted towards Kang Chun Hyuk, a North Korean Defector who came to South Korea in 2001. The money raised will be used to send on an intense Hip Hop training camp under Yang Dong Gun, followed by the creation and filming of a music video as well as a “making of documentary” of the project. Any money left will go straight to NKHR’s work.

An opportunity to convey thoughts and experiences

The prerogative of the project is to provide Kang with an opportunity to convey his thoughts and experiences from living in North Korea to becoming a defector, through hip hop music and lyrics.

While focusing on Kang Chun Hyuk, the project hopes to provide other deflectors with a voice, and teach other deflectors to express themselves and their dreams, as well as celebrating their own freedom.

The fundraiser has set a goal of $35 000 to cover the production costs, and are relying on different fundraising sites across the world to help them. If you want to help, go to Indiegogo to contribute and get more information on the project, or check out NKHR’s website to find more information on their work.

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North Korea’s greatest rapper

Kang Chun Hyuk fled North Korea at 16, and is a senior art major at Hongik University. He has illustrated children’s books and is a regular arts illustrator for NKHR’s monthly newsletters. He has found a way to express himself through art and aspires to become “North Korea’s greatest rapper.”

Yang Dong Geun is a well known rapper in Koreas Hip Hop scene, and among other things acts as a judge on rapping talent show “Show me the Money”.

The project has also acquired the support of music composer Woody Pak and Arirang Talk show host Susan Lee MacDonald.

Project Manager Ronald Lee works as Project Coordinator for NKHR. He first met Kang Chun Hyuk when he had only spent a year in South Korea, and became inspired by him and other deflectors to help tell their story.


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