How to score yourself a FREE Outdoor Adventure in Gangwon-do!

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Get out of the city this month on a chaperoned day trip to the Korean countryside Gangwon-do — better yet, do it for next to nothing with Dongbo Travel!

Dongobo Travel, with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and KR Clean & Green, are encouraging foreigners to visit rural Korea with free organized tours this month. The trip primarily features Haedam Village — a farm village located in Gangwondo that is famous for its beautiful natural surrounds and clear streams. The village is also known for producing Korea’s best Injin mugwort.

Departing Seoul at 8am, the tour will make its way to Haedam Village where participants can choose between a day of outdoor adventure or a quiet village visit. The tour kicks off at 10am with an amphibian car experience for W10,000, or participants can keep their feet dry and enjoy a leisurely wander around the village.


Sample ddeok-galbi with 7 side dishes for lunch at midday or feel free to BYO. In the afternoon choose between rafting…

or put your skills to the test with an hour of archery.


Those who would rather opt out can spend the afternoon exploring the village and picking up some Injin mugwort before the whole tour travels to the Galcheon Mineral Water Micheongol Recreational Forest to finish off the day enjoying the beautiful natural surrounds Gangwon has to offer.

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The tour will head back to Seoul at around 4pm, wrapping up the day by 7pm.

All the experience programs (amphibious car ride, archery and rafting) come with an additional cost as does lunch, however, participants are welcome to join the tour, which is free, and make their own way around the village.

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