Fashion Boundary Founder on Sustainable Fashion, Designer Brand Stories, and More

fashion boundary sustainable brand
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What is Fashion Boundary? 

Fashion Boundary is a carefully curated fashion retailer featuring pieces from independent designers and niche labels from around the world. It’s a cross-border platform without boundaries and presents an array of one-of-kind products and unique designs for the global consumers who live and breathe independent brands. 

“Boundary” here has a dual meaning of ‘Within boundary’ and ‘Without boundary’. We’ve created a community for talented designers to promote their brand on a supportive and collective platform. We aim to inspire, encourage and support each other. We share resources and promote within our own community in order to grow together. ‘Without boundary’ indicates our marketplace is unlimited, as we’re targeting the global market and are able to sell globally through multiple independent channels. 

fashion boundary sustainable brand
Photo provided by Fashion Boundary

What does Fashion Boundary do? 

We collaborate with designers from all over the globe who dedicate themselves to their trade. Browsing through Fashion Boundary you will find a curated collection of clothing, handbags, shoes, and jewelry all from labels with small teams and big dreams. We advocate slow, stylish and sustainable fashion. At Fashion Boundary we source labels who value ethical means of production and strive to use sustainable materials. We want to offer our customers pieces that are of the best quality, made to last and are a better choice for the environment.

The labels that are featured on Fashion Boundary are really important to us. We have developed relationships with all of the featured designers and it’s important that they feel support on our platform. We would love for our customers to get to know our featured designers so we decided to interview them to give a little insight into their process and daily inspiration which is found on our Designer Talks

When we select designer pieces, we choose beautiful, unique and wearable items that we know our customers will love. We believe that good quality pieces should be cherished and taken care of. A big step in respecting your garments is learning more about the brand you’re buying from. That’s why we launched our Brand Stories section.

fashion boundary sustainable brand
Photo provided by Fashion Boundary

How did you discover designers and what do you look for? 

We discover talented designer brands mainly from Instagram, Fashion Week, Fashion Magazines and Influencers. It’s important for us to focus on independent designers and niche labels that run by individuals or families, however, this is not a requirement. We look for brands that have been established for at least 2-3 years and of course, who make high quality, unique, beautiful clothing, shoes, and accessories. We also strive to stock sustainably conscious brands with ethical and transparent means of production.

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At Fashion Boundary we love a great brand story, whether it’s a rags to riches tale, a family run business or a dream that has become a reality.

How is Fashion Boundary unique? 

We focus on young talented designer brands and niche brands that have been established for a minimum of 2-3 years, at the same time, we also aim to launch start-up brands and introduce them to our global audience. Fashion Boundary is a marketplace where we have been able to build designer communities and in doing so, help each other to go further.

We do consider brands that create sustainable fashion or are an environmentally conscious business. It is a challenge for all the new brands to achieve this at an advanced level but this is a place that all the designers/brands are influencing each other. It’s good to see some new brands start to think about that way, and are willing to change for the future. 

Who are your customers?

Our customers are all women and men in the global marketplace, but primarily females in the 23 – 38 age group. These people are searching for unique designs and like to invest in high quality, long-lasting items from independent brands. They like to support talented independent designers and potentially in a transition from fast fashion to slow fashion. These women don’t mind spending money if it means they are purchasing quality items that will last.

fashion boundary sustainable brand
Photo provided by Fashion Boundary

Why did you launch your in-house collection? And what does it mean to you?

We launched our in-house capsule collection because we always have wanted to design and develop stylish, affordable sustainable fashion for our existing audience. It was important for us to use fabrics that were carefully, environmentally considered. We only selected 3 types of fabrics for the entire collection to minimise waste during production. We also deliberately chose to produce one standard size in each item as we aim to reinterpret and identify a new way of sustainable fashion. The garments are trans-seasonal and are carefully built with love, to last. 

Creating this collection also allowed us to collaborate with Thou Art founder and design director, Jianyu which was an incredible learning experience in which we will be able to develop our knowledge in designing in future collections.

What’s next for Fashion Boundary? Any future goals?

We would love to collaborate with more talented designers for our brand curation and continue to design and develop our in-house collection by collaborating with more global talented designers. We would like to be able to sell our collection available for wholesale to global department stores, premium boutiques, concept stores, and online retailers. We would also love to have a showroom in Melbourne one day and run global pop-up stores.