Diavolo Dance Performance in Seoul


Diavolo Comes to Seoul


Founded in 1992 by French choreographer Jacques Heim, Diavolo quickly gained significance in the Los Angeles community. Described as the ‘wild child’ of dance performances, its program is all about architecture in motion. According to Heim, his choreography delves into how architecture affects us socially, emotionally, and physically. His exploration involves mammoth sets of moving wheels, cubes, domes, and other supersize shapes.

What audiences don’t see is the meticulous behind the scenes work including countless blueprints and mini models. Behind each set piece exists a team of engineers and architects whose calculations ensure the safety of the daredevil dancers who rocket themselves off, onto, and between set pieces.

The result is fantastical. The large sets not only provide clear focal points but also evoke a wonderland feel. And once the dancers begin interacting with the sets, audiences are in for a truly thrilling experience with high-risk, face-paced maneuvers on uneven and slippery surfaces. The edginess of the performances is heightened by the incorporation and coexistence of many genres of movement including ballet, contemporary dance, hip hop, gymnastics, martial arts, and acrobatics.

Diavolo is a performance that will take you to the edge. It is at times wondrous, uplifting, and spine-chilling and its innovation provides thrills throughout.

Olympic Park. 8 pm. From W70,000. ticket.interpark.com, 02-525-8530