Delicious Beef Restaurant Chains

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Sometimes the best and safest way to try something new in Korea is to go to a well-established chain that serves delicious and popular food. We’ve picked out two of the best options for you in the form of Korean beef stock soup and quality beef burgers. How could you possibly go wrong with these options?

Shinseon Seolnongtang
A 24-hour Korean restaurant serving seolleongtang (traditional beef stock soup), this 30-year-old franchise runs 33 stores around the Seoul area, serving steaming bowls of soup brewed with Australian beef.
Always up to date, Shinseon Seolnongtang has invented healthy, tasty options inspired by the traditional Korean beef stock soup to target choosey young customers and Westerners.

What to order

Shinseon Seolnongtang

While the original “Shinseon Seolnongtang” (신촌설농탕) comes only with brisket, customers can choose from a variety of other specialty soups served with a combination of tendon, brisket and ox bone, vegetables, tofu and dumplings, or garlic and wild ginseng.
The creamy white broth is virtually salt-free, so feel free to season with salt, pepper or hot pepper sauce. The beef and tendon are so soft that they melt in your mouth. The “Baekse Seolnongtang” (백세설농탕: hundred-year beef stock soup) is a specialty soup that comes with rich Korean traditional herbs, including ginseng, licorice, Korean dates, chestnuts and antlers.
Other beef dishes to order are the “Modeum Suyuk” (모듬수육), which is a beef and vegetable dish with a special dipping sauce, or the iconic “Galbi Jjim” (갈비찜), which are beef short ribs.  An English menu is available, and friendly staff are always at your service. If you’ve never tried seolleongtang before, now’s your chance.

Baekse Seolnongtang

Located in and around Seoul, including branches at Myeongdong, Sinchon, Ilsan and Suwon.
Directions to Apgujeong store (Line 3): Take exit 2 and walk straight a few meters. You will see the sign  on your left, just before you hit exit 3.

Modeum Suyuk

Kraze Burger
You’ve probably seen a Kraze Burger at some point during your stay in Korea, as this popular burger joint is a little hard to miss. With 52 stores in the Seoul capital area, the burger franchise opened its first store in 1998 in Apgujeong and has become one of the fastest-growing and most popular burger joints in the country, with branches also open in Macau and Hong Kong.

What to order

K.B ++ Burger

You can’t go wrong with the “K.B Original,” which is the traditional beef burger with all the trimmings and special tomato-based Kraze sauce. For something extra, try the “K.B++” with bacon and egg or the “Maximum Burger,” which has bacon and a combination of BBQ and red hot sauce, giving it a smoky, bold texture not found in the original burger.
For those who really want something different, we highly recommend the “K.O Burger.” This is a special one indeed, served on a wheat bun with chilli balsamic sauce, special salad and fried jalapenos. A touch above the rest, this is the stand-out burger that tastes less like a burger.

K.O. Burger

A selection of fresh salads is also available, and of course, don’t forget your chilli cheese fries. Made with thick-cut fries, chedder cheese, delicious ground beef, chopped onions and just a touch of chilli – you haven’t lived until you try these.
All menus are in English, and you’ll find a good selection of sodas, juice ades, and international beers to quench your thirst. Go on, get Kraze!

Located all across Seoul, check website for details