Daegu Foodie Find: Vietnam Restaurant

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Daegu Foodie Find: Vietnam Restaurant

Words and shots by Annie Chen

In a basement on the outskirts of Daegu near Bukbu Bus Terminal lies an amazing authentic Vietnamese restaurant. At first glance, you might be a little skeptical since it’s located in the basement of an old building, but rest assured it is definitely an authentic taste of Vietnam. Once you enter the restaurant, you’ll see that Vietnamese families, couples, and everyone there speaks Vietnamese. You won’t even feel like you’re in South Korea when you are in the restaurant. Their menu has it all—from the noodles, to the meats, to the delicious iced coffee, they definitely cover all of the bases. They have bánh mì—your traditional Vietnamese sandwich served on a baguette usually with pork, pate, and veggies. They serve hot bowls of pho, and bún chả, cold rice noodles with roasted pork, veggies, spring rolls, and fish sauce. Their bowl of Pork Bún Chả has delicious, crisp spring rolls that leaves you feeling refreshed after your meal. A big bowl costs only W6,000, so their prices are definitely on the cheap side. If you’re craving some genuine Vietnamese food, definitely give this place a try! For more information, call 053-341-4248.

Daegu Gwangyok-shi Seo-gu Bisan 7-dong 1370-8
(대구광역시 서구 비산7동 1370-8)

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