Czech Boys Choir Boni Pueri Christmas Concert

Boni Pueri

World renowned Czech boys choir, Boni Pueri, will be in Seoul for a heart-warming Christmas concert. Guests will be treated to renditions of classic Christmas carols as well as european folk songs, for the special Winter concert event. Founded in 1982, Boni Pueri Czech Boys Choir has become one of Europe’s most famous musical ensembles over the last 30 years. The choir has travelled all over the world performing over 2500 concerts throughout Asia, North America and Europe, they have also produced 13 studio recordings, and featured on 20 others. They regularly appear in international music festivals and have performed at some of the greatest concert halls around the world. Their Christmas concert will be the perfect winter respite in one of the region’s most state of the art cultural centres.
Gyeonggi Arts Center. 5 pm. From W11,000., 1544-2344