Cover Story: the 100 Best Dishes – Seoul’s Best Business Lunches

Meals are food, but they’re also events. Make sure you have the right meal for your special occasion with our picks for Seoul’s best in fine dining.


When bosses talk serious business

Premium Rib Eye Steak, W127,000 Manhattan Grill at Renaissance Hotel Seoul

At this high-class steak house, where regular guests have their own set of Laguiole steak knives, crucial business negotiations turn into six-digits contracts. Order the Hanwoo Rib Eye Steak from the Special Lunch menu and enjoy an included self-serve salad buffet.
676 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu.

Introducing Korean cuisine to a foreign partner

Mushroom Bibimbap, W16,500 Bistro Seoul at Oakwood Premier Coex Center

This restaurant is well known for its foreign-palate-friendly dishes that are perfect for first-time visitors. The Mushroom Bibimbap served with barley rice, a mix of fresh vegetables, and black sesame soy sauce represents Korean culinary sophistication with a clean simplicity.
159 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu. 02-3466-8022

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Group lunch with picky eaters

Special Italian Lunch Buffet, W22,000 ea. The Kitchen Salvatore & Bar

The presence of picky eaters can make eating with coworkers less than easy. But at this buffet of fresh organic salads, homemade pasta, Napoli-style appetizers, and wood-fired pizzas, everyone will be able to find a dish that they can enjoy and share with the team. Reservations recommended.
1F of Somerset Palace Hotel at 85 Soosong-dong, Jongro-gu. 02-730-5545


The business layover

Japanese Hoedeopbap Set, W32,000  Restaurant 8 at Hyatt Regency Incheon

This restaurant is a quick ride from the main terminal of ICN. Hwaedeopbap () is a great dish to help overcome the fatigue of traveling. The colors of the vegetables, smell of the salmon, and taste of the spicy gochujang paste will rejuvenate and refresh all of your senses.
208 Yeongjonghaeannam-ro, 321 Beon-gil, Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon 032-745-1234


Overseas VIP power lunch

Roasted Black Eyed Cod Fish with Glazed Vegetables, W40,000

Cornerstone at Park Hyatt Seoul

The dishes on Cornerstone’s fresh, organic menu are highly rated on nearly every food guide around. But pay extra attention to the Roasted Black Eyed Cod Fish. Crispy crust outside and moist inside, this cod dish shows how classic fish is supposed to be done.
1F of Park Hyatt Hotel at Daechi 3-dong, Gangnam-gu. 02-2016-1220


A colorful recharge

Special Lunch Bento Box, W68,000 Irodori at Renaissance Hotel

Remove the top of this black wooden box to be dazzled by a firework-like display of colors and forms. Each tiny plate serves a different combination of natural flavors: melt-in-your-mouth sashimi, delicately boiled vegetables, shrimp on translucent noodles, seared beef, classic sushi, crispy tempura, and rice with salty plump on top.
676 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu. 02-2222-8659


Brainstorming day

Palak Paneer Curry Lunch Set B, W16,000 at Baba India

Unusual food for a usual lunch could lead to an unexpectedly surge in creativity at work. This Palak Paneer Curry is cooked with finely ground homemade cottage cheese and fresh spinach, making a lusciously dippable lava texture for the warm, freshly-baked naan. The set’s zesty tandoori chicken and crunchy samosa will complete your “get-away-from-the-routine” lunch, filling you with new ideas.
3F of 1328-11 Seocho-2dong, Gangnam-gu. 02-521-4588


Negotiating a tough deal

Valleta Lunch with “Rosinni style” Korean Hanwoo beef tenderloin, W70,000 at Marco Polo

Treat your partner to this outrageously luxurious Hanwoo tenderloin topped with whole foie gras, black truffle, and Madeira sauce, and your chance of sealing a tough deal will increase dramatically. The rest of this course meal (scallops, grilled skate, and spumonte) and the sweeping view from the 52nd floor won’t hurt either.
159-1, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu. 02-559-7620


For the super busy

P-Burger, W24,000 Feast at Sheraton D Cube City Hotel

The P-Burger does not try to reinvent a classic. This timeless burger topped with four savory strips of bacon, melted cheese, a fried egg, grilled onion, and veggies on the side is big enough to eat with your hands, as burgers are meant to be. Fuel up with this delicious masterpiece and be on your way.
360-51 Sindorim-dong, Guro-gu.  02-2211-1710


1A slow Sunday toast 

Brunch Buffet, W64,000 (Sat) or W85,000 (Sun) The Garden at The Ritz-Carlton Seoul

Don’t get lost in a sea of buffet stations. This brunch offers only the best. Try out delicacies like foie gras mousse on crostini, tender roast beef, sushi, or king prawns. Take your time at this relaxing weekend brunch with the partner as you finalize your successful business contract.
120 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu.  02-3451-8271


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