Cover Story: The 100 Best Dishes – Family-Friendly Finds in Gyeonggi-do

Words and shots by Yoon-joo Jeong (Translated by Jee-hye Cho and Sonia Hensley)

 If you’re need a place to bring the whole family, you can rely on any of the restaurants below. All of these dishes have been parent-tested and approved!  

Potato Jeon (W10,000) and Grilled Deodeok Root (W15,000)

Meokgeoli Changgo (Edibles Warehouse), Namhansanseong

This moist, crunchy potato jeon pancake served on a chaeban bamboo plate is best after a long hike. Meanwhile, the crunchy, herbal deodeok is both refreshing and healthy, offering benefits from digestive detox to cancer prevention. Enjoy them both with a glass of makgeolli as you let the kids play in the yard out front.
641 Sanseong-li, Jungbu-myun, Gwangju-si. 031-744-2594


Hanwoo Sirloin Steak, W50,000 for two servings

Jangwi-dong Yuseongjip, Guri and other locations

This famous Hanwoo barbeque chain serves sirloin and sirloin only. Grilled on hard charcoal, the steaks come out juicy and smoky. Pair them simply with shredded radish kimchi and anchovy soup for a meal that’s affordable but tastes luxurious.
733-1 Gyomun-dong, Guri-si. 031-573-6147

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Spicy Galbi-jjim, W12,000

Mansonggol Galbitang, Guri

The big chunks of juicy rib meat in this spicy galbi-jjim come with crisply cooked veggies as well as shrimp, noodles, mushrooms, and rice cake. Order extras of whichever ingredient you like best, and cool your palate afterwards with a complimentary iced lemon tea. This restaurant’s parking lot and elevator make it an easy visit for those with strollers.
81 Beolmal-ro, Guri-si.


Tojong Dalk-Baeksuk (Native Korean Chicken Soup), W38,000

Ogyechon, Namyangju

Chickens bred in Korea are said to be stronger and chewier than their foreign counterparts. Try one out in this dalk-baeksuk chicken soup. Similar in composition to the more famous samgyetang, dalk-baeksuk replaces the medicinal ginger and jujubes stuffed in the chicken’s middle with healthy mung beans and green onions for a simpler, cleaner taste.
438-4 Jigeum-dong, Namyangju-si. 031-566-5233


Neungee Mushroom Hanwoo Bulgogi, W48,000 for two servings

Lee Daegam Mushroom Bulgogi, Namyangju

Healthy neungi mushrooms, known for being anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory, are cooked up with A+ certified marinated hanwoo beef cuts at this famous “well-being” restaurant. Try it with buttery Gondeurae herb rice and see what all the media hype is about.
460-3 Yongjeong-ri, Jingeon-eup, Namyangju-si. 031-527-7434


Sanchae Jeongsik (Wild Herb Table d’Hote), W12,000

Oldami Hanjeongsik, Namyangju

Oldami near Paldang Dam operates both a restaurant and an experiential farming program to educate visitors about local agriculture. Their signature order is the hanjeongsik table d’hote centered around Korea’s native wild herbs. Fresh and low in sodium, this endless course meal will leave you feeling satiated but not bloated and overfull.
455-1 Dogok-ri, Wabu-eup, Namyangju-si. 031-576-1076


Seonji Haejangguk (Hangover Blood Soup), W8,000

ssangdoongi Haejangguk, Namyangju

This tasty haejangguk is so famous that people all over Korea have heard of it through blogs and television. This spicy broth is filled with veggies, beef offal, and cleanly cut, tofu-like seonji, or congealed ox blood. If you’re afraid to try it, you can order seolleongtang instead, but you’ll probably be the only one in the restaurant eating it.
89 Maseoku-ri, Hwado-eup, Namyangju-si. 031-511-5011


Gamjatang, W20,000 for a family platter

The Original Bone Gamjatang , Namyangju

Order this famously cheap gamjatang and get ready for what will be an absolute mountain of bones and meat to arrive at your table. Served in a big platter for groups, this soup will have you full even before the server turns the leftovers into a satisfying porridge of rice and pork.
Hopyeong-dong, Namyangju-si. 031-591-9909


Budaejjigae (Army Stew), W6,000 per serving

Matitneun babsang, Gapyeong

A mish-mash of stewed ham, sausages, ramen and over military staples, Budaejjigae was a dish that resulted from the influx of foreign soldiers and supplies during the Korean War. Taste it with its original army twist at this restaurant, located near the American base at Uijeongbu. The stew is boiled live at the table, and tastes better the longer you simmer it.
399-29 Daeseoung-ri, Cheongpyeong-myun, Gapyeong-gun. 031-584-6835


1Maegi Maeuntang (Spicy Catfish Stew), W30,000

Yeongot Eondeok, Yangpyeong

This spicy stew of greens, potatoes, and hand-torn sujebi noodles is boiled together with a whole catfish, which yields a soft, mild flesh with no fishy smell or aftertaste. Catfish is also popular for its health benefits. It’s good for the liver, fights diabetes, and has the lowest mercury content of almost any fish, making it a good choice for children and the elderly.
171-5 Yongdam-ri, Yangseo-myun, Yangpyeong-gun. 031-774-4577


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