Backyard Wrestling In The Streets of Korea

Pro Wrestling Fit is a South Korean wrestling group that fights anywhere, be it in a gym, club, or even a busy city street.

One of South Korea’s only wrestling organizations, they hold monthly matches called Supernovas at their Dream Storage gym in Goyang. Located northwest of Seoul, it’s about a ten minute walk from exit 2 of Goksan Station. To promote themselves, they fight at unconventional places in backyard wrestling style.

This fight event took place during an underground rock show dubbed, “an unholy unity of music and wrestling” at Club Freebird in Hongdae (a district of Seoul known for their urban arts and indie music culture). Between the opening act and the headlining band, the PWF wrestlers were introduced and immediately started sparring.

To the surprise of the audience, they quickly took their fight out of the club and into the city streets. Enticed by the offbeat, the audience couldn’t help but chase after and marvel at the ensuing high-energy performance.

pro wrestling fit korea
During a street fight performance, God Monz pulls and leads Bad Lil Subji by the back of his mask through Hongdae, a region of Seoul in South Korea.
pro wrestling fit korea 2
Looking to land on his opponents below, Bad Lil Subji leaps from the trees growing next to a city parking strip.
pro wrestling fit korea 3
The PWF wrestler, Mad One, gets thrown onto a thin tarp spread across the cement floor of Club Freebird in Hongdae.
pro wrestling fit korea 4
With a mid air reversal, God Monz catches Mad One by the throat and slams him down against other PWF wrestlers on the asphalt.
pro wrestling fit korea 5
Under a tow-away zone sign, God Monz delivers a devastating kick to Bad Lil Subji’s head.
pro wrestling fit korea 6
God Monz keeps a knee on Bad Lil Subji while the PWF referee counts.
pro wrestling fit korea 7
Bad Lil Subji lays knocked out on a city street next to a curb.
pro wrestling fit korea 8
Pulling his mask down over his face, Bad Lil Subji and the other PWF wrestlers prepare to change out of their outfits. After giving an amazing performance, the show concludes for the evening.

Check out Pro Wrestling Fit’s official Facebook page or website for more information on how to see one of their amazing shows.