A Reddit User Created a Flowchart to Help You Decide Where to Eat in HBC


A Reddit user just created a flowchart to help you decide where to eat in haebangchon and it’s awesome.

Whether you’re a resident, regular or just passing through, expats from all over Seoul will be all too familiar with the crushing indecision that comes with dining out in haebangchon. HBC may not boast quite as many restaurants as nearby itaewon or gyeongidan, however, the little neighborhood sure holds its own in terms of variety and venues worth venturing down past the kim chi pots for!

Reddit user, tagus, put together a flow chart to help curb that indecision and nudge others in the right direction. Originally posted to imgur, the chart might lack a few of our favorites (for example workshop, hidden cellar, the hill cafe!), but otherwise it’s a pretty damn good start — and a pretty hilarious summary of a few stereotypes lurking in one of our favorite parts of Seoul.

Check out the full flow chart here.