6 Enchanting Cafés To Visit In Seoul This Winter


It’s that time of the year again when cold wind whips at our faces, frosty temperatures turn our fingers blue, and staying outside for more than 20 minutes at a time becomes unbearable if not miserable. Korea, in particular, is known for its particularly piercing and chilly temperatures.

On such occasions like these, going to a café makes for a perfect opportunity to warm up. A cup of perfectly roasted drip coffee or a steaming hot chocolate… we could all use a cup of something to keep us toasty this winter.

That being said, there are several outstanding locations that one must visit this winter in his or her coffee hopping spree.

C27 | Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu

Probably one of the largest cafes in Seoul, C27 takes the interior décor game up a notch with its intricate detailing and bustling vibe. What sets C27 apart from its competitors is that each floor has a drastically different vibe.

For example, the third floor of the café incorporates a kitchen setting with couches set aside for the café’s visitors. This overall makes this particular floor feel very homey almost resembling a living room. One floor above lays a more industrial setting with concrete walls and smaller sectioned rooms.

However, throughout the entire café, the prevalent theme of winter still exists and makes for an incredibly enchanting and luxurious coffee experience.

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On top of the unique and mystical décor, the dessert selection is quite extensive as C27 is famous for its large variety of rich and decadent cheesecakes.


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Dore Dore | Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu

Although there are several Dore Dore cafes located in Seoul, the one located in Itaewon makes it seem like one is entering a dollhouse. This café is immediately distinguishable from neighboring cafes by its bright and picturesque exterior.

Being painted entirely pink, Dore Dore stands as a single building and emulates that of something one would see in a fairytale. As pretty and unique as the exterior is, the interior of this café maintains the brightly colored theme with its bright pink, orange, and blue interior walls.

We also can’t fail to mention Dore Dore’s widely acclaimed rainbow sponge cake. With fluffy white cream between each layer of the cake, Dore Dore delivers in terms of not only a uniquely aesthetic experience, but also a mouthwatering, satisfying dessert encounter.


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Pumpkin Terrier Cakeshop | Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu

Having a black and white bulldog as its mascot, Pumpkin Terrier gives its visitors a homey and friendly vibe. Its sky blue walls creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere while its small size creates warmth and intimacy.

In addition to the pleasant interior, the desserts at this café are highly unique and decadent. Definitely a café to visit if you’re looking for a sweet and memorable experience.

Same Café | Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu 

Located in one of the far corners of Itaewon, Same Café is one of the most Instagrammable cafes in Korea. Although Same Café is smaller compared to other coffee shops, its artistic interior makes the visit worthwhile.

Same Café’s grey walls and polygon shaped tables makes this café have a more city-like and industrial vibe. It also features various pieces of artwork allows the visitors to not only enjoy a cup of coffee but also provides a show room experience, with many artistic features to enjoy.

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Labri | Seocho-gu

For the flower lovers out there, this café is a perfect way to be able to see flowers even in the cold winter. Located in the corners of Seocho (two stops away from Gangnam by subway), Labri’s cute interior makes perfect for a date or even a catch up session with an old friend.

The dim lights and cottage-like setting brings a very nostalgic atmosphere and visitors of this café may feel as if they have gone back in time several decades.

Cattle and Bee | Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu

Although this may not be considered a winter café, Cattle and Bee is one of the most aesthetic and intricate cafes in the Seoul area. Its high ceilings, bright lights, and marble tabletops create a pristine and crisp atmosphere.

In addition to the bright interior setting, this café also houses a bakery. The warm, sweet scents of the bread fills the air with a subtle and pleasant fragrance. Cattle and Bee’s timeless interior and its large menu allow visitors to enjoy this café all year round.

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In the end, Seoul offers thousands of beautiful cafés that you can visit this winter. These are only some of the cafés that provide incredible and enchanting experiences. Hopefully you will all find a place that is memorable in your café hopping endeavors!