Grimes Live in Seoul

Grimes Live in Seoul

January 23

Grimes Live in Seoul

A known shape-shifter, Grimes possesses an unwaveringly dynamic presence in the music industry from her sound to her outward appearance and public persona. In her own words, she goes through phases a lot; Phases that clearly encompass her own brand of DIY music which consists of a sundry mix of all things imaginable including electronic, pop, R&B, witch house, dark wave, and even medieval music.Grimes

Getting her start while studying neuroscience at McGill University, what was originally a side gig for Grimes quickly blossomed into a career when her focus on music led her away from her classes and ultimately towards expulsion. From there, after signing with record label 4AD, she catapulted into the public radar with the success of her critically-acclaimed third studio album Visions.

A fan of Korean pop music, Grimes is no newbie to the country. Her first foray into the peninsula was met with frenzied enthusiasm and attention from the likes of G-Dragon and other big names in K-pop. This time around, concert-goers can expect the same magnitude of intensity with electrifying music and an almost excessive amount of dancing.

For one enchanting night, the fantastically strange songstress graces the Hongdae crowd once more before continuing on the European leg of her ‘Acid Reign’ tour.


Yes24 MUV Hall. 8:30 pm. W65,000., 010-3692-6982.

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