When A Collection Becomes More Than Fashion: Blindness Runway Seoul Fashion Week 2018

There were high expectations for designers Shin Kyu Yong and Park Ji Sun of Blindness this year after the success of their previous seasons’ shows. During this year’s Seoul Fashion Week, Blindness revamped their Fall/Winter 2018 collection on the runway with a powerful message.

The collection this year was inspired by Picasso’s Guernica and Massacre en Corée. Both paintings depict the horrors and oppression of war, but also touch on the innocence and purity of children. The sharp black and white lines used in Picasso’s paintings were transferred into Blindness’ collection and then contrasted with bright floral patterns, representative of the innocence of children in wartime.

Massacre en Corée, Pablo Picasso, 1951
Oil on plywood, 110 cm x 210 cm, Musée Picasso, Paris (France)
CC courtesy of Wikimedia commons
Guernica, Pablo Picasso, 1937
Oil on canvas, 3.49 m x 7.77 m, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid (Spain)
CC courtesy of Wikimedia commons

Blindness’ signature bomber jackets are inspired by military uniforms and typically seen as masculine pieces, but Blindness masterfully created them gender neutral in its collection. Designers Shin Kyu Young and Park Ji Sun also incorporated castle inspired ruffles and curves into the line; these details were exaggerated and contrasted with powerful floral patterns, which gave the ensembles a peaceful but dark atmosphere.

This year, Blindness’ collection went beyond what most fashion brands ever hope to do: the collection told a story and delivered a message that spoke directly into the history and current state of the Korean peninsula. Through their collection, the designers of Blindness revealed that though they did not personally experience the horrors of the Korean war, they can still be inspired by the tragic history of their country as they create their pieces.  

Blindness’ Fall/Winter collection conveys a message that peace and hope will somehow overcome war and pain. Shin KyuYoung and Park JiSun are social sculptors, leading the way of what fashion should look like in Korea.

You can find photos of the Blindness F/W SFW Runway Below.


All photos courtesy of Izzy Schreiber.

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