Coex Opens A Massive 50,000 Book Library

Coex library whole

Starfield Coex Mall just opened a massive library on May 31 with around 50,000 books available. Finding COEX from where I live was fairly easy and then finding the library once I got to COEX was easy as well. I followed the directions and came right to the library in about 10-15 minutes.

The library is surrounded by stores like American Eagles Outfitters, and also has a couple stores inside the library as well. The library is two stories high and books are legit everywhere you look. There are three gigantic wood shelves that go all the way to the ceiling with books filling up the shelves.

Coex library wholeThe books are separated by the different genres from lifestyle, health, architecture, fiction, and magazines. The best part of this library is that the books are free to read. There are also e-books available through the iPad’s that they have laid out.

To search for a specific book, there are two information desks where you can ask an employee, and there are also computers available for people to freely use to search for specific books.

Coex library entranceThe purpose of opening this library inside the shopping mall is to provide a place of healing, serenity, and light in the busy life that we live. Desks, and chairs are provided for guests to relax and read. A huge purpose of the library is for the private rooms that they have. These private rooms are available for those who need private spaces for meetings and such inside the mall, making it easy for workers to have meetings close by.

Library TableCoex Library Entrance SeatingMany events will be coming up for the month of June so be on the look out for these events. There will be small music concerts, panels, poetry readings, and other events just as a grand opening event. On the second floor, there is also a small convenience store for those who want to purchase a small snack.

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Second Floor of LibraryAs this is Korea’s first open library inside a mall, the CEO of Shinsegae Property is hoping that they will attract more people to help bring more life inside COEX.

There is a short video provided if you are interested and also another article provided as well.

Enjoy a nice cup of coffee, with your favorite book, after a long day of shopping here at Starfield Coex Mall’s library.