12 Unique Things To Do In Seoul 2019

You’ve already visited all the main attractions in Seoul and you want to explore Seoul in a unique and fun way? Or perhaps you’re coming for the first time to Korea and looking for unconventional ways to visit the city? Here’s an article packed with unique, weird and fun things to do in Seoul, South Korea.

Poopoo Land

unique things to do seoul korea poopoo land

Poopoo Land is, as you might have guessed, an indoor poop-themed museum. The theme park offers a photo zone with stylish lightings and funny trick-eye paintings, a maze designed like the digestive system and many other activities. It’s the perfect place to have a fun afternoon and fill your phone with crazy shots!

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Fishing Cafe

unique things to do seoul korea fishing cafe

You’ve heard of dog and cat cafes, even sheep cafes, but if you want the nostalgia of early summer mornings with uncle Jimmy, head to a fishing cafe. The rules are simple: catch a fish (a real one not VR), get points according to the fish weight and exchange those points for items, goodies, etc. There are several addresses in Seoul but we recommend you KKUN Fishing Cafe.

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Yongma Land Abandoned Theme Park

unique things to do seoul korea yongma land
Source: Naver blog

Yongma Land is an attraction park built in the 80s and closed down in 2011 because of the very challenging competition (Everland, Lotte World). After re-opening as a theme park, it’s a good place to take photos and it’s often featured in MV and shootings. Going to Yongma Land will be an entertaining way to spend your Sunday, that is if you don’t mind the 1 or 2 ghosts that are said to haunt the location…

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Seodaemun Prison

unique things to do seoul korea seodaemun prison
Source: Joinusworld

Built during the Japanese occupation, Seodaemun Prison became a symbol of the perseverance of the Koreans fighting for the liberation of their country. Many nationals were confined, tortured and executed within those walls, and the now become museum reveals the terrible truth to visitors, through recreated torture rooms and cells.

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Korean school uniform rental

Nuguna in Hongdae is a Korean school uniform rental service that will allow you to fulfill your dream of being in Korean high school for a few hours. You can either rent traditional Korean school uniform or K-pop Idol style school uniform or even take a package to try both. Then, head to Hongdae to take the best pictures and reenact your favorite K-dramas or K-pop music videos!

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Princess Cafe

unique things to do seoul korea princess diary cafe

Princess Diary Cafe is a princess themed cafe that allows anyone to feel like a princess for a day. The cafe has a variety of dresses you can try on that range from wedding dresses to hanboks (한복), and even tuxedos and suits. To match your elegant ball gown, you can accessorize with tiaras and other jewelry. This is a perfect insta-worthy spot to visit and enjoy some good coffee.

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Wine Train

unique things to do seoul korea wine train
Source: News1 Korea

You’ve probably already taken a train in Korea, but have you taken the Wine Train? Departing from Seoul Station, with for destination Yeongdong in Chungcheonbuk-do, the Wine Train has a unique interior and different wines, including Korean wines. Upon your arrival, you will be able to visit the winery, enjoy lunch and different cultural activities.

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Roller skating

unique things to do seoul korea roller skating

If you like skating but hate cold temperatures, why not try the best alternative to the ice rink: roller skating? Whether it is a new experience or a long forgotten hobby, you can enjoy roller skating in several places in Seoul. Roller Club in Eunpyeong is our best recommendation for a night of skating to music.

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DIY Phone Case Cafe

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You’ve read about fishing cafes and princess cafes, but what about a DIY phone case cafe? Choose the case, the accessories and the paint you want, and unleash the designer inside of you! The price differs according to the items you pick, but it generally varies between 10,000 and 30,000 won for one case.

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Seoul Ghost Walking Tour

unique things to do seoul korea seoul ghost walking tour

Dark Side of Seoul is offering a tour that will make you shiver. This Seoul Ghost Walking Tour is the opportunity to walk down the streets of Seoul and to learn about the forgotten 600-year history of bloody massacres, mourning ghosts and the ancient city’s scandalous secrets.

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Third Tunnel of Aggression

The Third Tunnel of Aggression is a tunnel built by the North Koreans in the 1970s and discovered by South Koreans in 1978. It stretches under the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and visitors can walk the tunnel for 265m before having to turn back (for obvious security reasons). A visit to the 3rd Tunnel of Aggression is one of the stops included in the Dora Observatory DMZ package tour.

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Not Seoul, but a great 1 night 2 day trip: Oedo Botania

unique things to do seoul korea oedo botania goeje island

Oedo Botania was previously a barren island in the South sea until it was transformed into a beautiful botanical garden by a Korean couple almost 40 years ago. This botanic garden, a hidden gem known mostly by locals, is at a 20-minutes ferry ride from the coast. Go there to enjoy the fresh air, the plants and the scenic view on Goeje Island.

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