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Very Street Kitchen Seoul


Korea knows street food; it’s as simple as that. Street food seems to be one of the best ways to eat great food fast. Very Street Kitchen has captured the concept of fabulous meals on the fly to create a trendy, yet cozy restaurant right in the heart of Seoul. With its open-face kitchen, patrons know exactly what they’re ordering at Very: food that is fresh, fast and most importantly, flavorful. The comfort of this sit-down restaurant makes it is easy to enjoy your experience while eating delicious foods inspired from flavors around the world.


Very Street Kitchen SeoulVery provides an outlet that I have not seen often since moving to Seoul: a mix of different foods  from around the globe, all in one kitchen. There are a variety of foods that are rare finds in Korea fused with plenty of Korean street food influence. The menu offers foods as familiar as Busan fish cake carpaccios to foods as foreign as Barcelona shishito peppers with fried prawns.

Very Street Kitchen

The diversity in the menu is sure to satisfy anyone’s palate, without overwhelming foreign tastes. I sampled Osaka noodles and New Orleans fried chicken all in one meal, which made for an unexpectedly great combination of flavors. I especially enjoyed watching my meal come together before my eyes, as it created the atmosphere and feeling of eating street food, without skimping on the amenities of fine dining. Likewise, their philosophy of fresh, safe ingredients gives Very the edge over other street food vendors.Very Street Kitchen Seoul


While the wine list is limited, it still offers a couple of French red’s and white’s to compliment any great meal.  However, I enjoyed a beer cocktail myself St. Germain with a shot of elderflower liqueur. It was simultaneously sweet, yet savory (and perfect with the wings!).

Very makes for a great date night, as the space is intimate but also accommodates larger parties without being too loud or crowded. The restaurant itself has a modern feel while residing in a historical 100 year old building. Most importantly, the staff provided prompt and friendly service. Very will definitely make it to my list of places to visit and enjoy again.

Address: 205 Mallijae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Phone: 02-312-0205
Hours: M-Sat 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm; Closed Sun

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