Korea Ultimate Players Association | KUPA

Korea Ultimate Players Association | KUPA

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KUPA (Korea Ultimate Players Association) is the Korean national governing body of ultimate frisbee. KUPA is recognized by the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF), which also has International Olympic Committee recognition. KUPA has been a full member of the WFDF since 2005. As the national governing body of ultimate in Korea, KUPA is in charge of organizing national championships and growing ultimate and its communities throughout the country. KUPA works to serve both current and potential members by providing clinics, rules education, and materials translated into Korean to its members.

KUPA exists to:

  1. Promote and develop the sport of Ultimate in South Korea.
  2. Provide competitive and spirited competition for all members of the Korean Ultimate Community.
  3. Expand knowledge of the sport and its primary tenant, Spirit of the Game, throughout South Korea.
  4. Equip members with organizational skills and resources in order to enter their communities and share Ultimate at a personal level.
Ultimate is a disc sport – that is, we use a Frisbee instead of a ball in this game. If you’ve ever thrown a Frisbee before, you know some of the tremendous virtues of this little piece of plastic: a Frisbee cutting through the air with perfect spin is a beautiful thing.