The New Zealand Chamber Of Commerce in Korea | The Kiwi Chamber

The New Zealand Chamber Of Commerce in Korea | The Kiwi Chamber

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The Chamber facilitates business opportunities for New Zealand and Korean companies and individuals by creating support networks that enable them to promote, protect and advance their respective commercial interests in each others’ countries. The Kiwi Chamber is a representative of Kea New Zealand, New Zealand’s Global Talent Community, connecting more than 750,000 New Zealanders living overseas.

New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea (Kiwi Chamber) Mission

  • Provide creative, high-quality and innovative services and programs to support its member.
  • Promote trade, technology transfer and investment between New Zealand and Korea through a better understanding of the business practices in each country.
  • Provide an effective advocacy group for informing the Korea Government of the views and interests of New Zealand businesses located in or trading with Kore and to assist Korean businesses to interact and express views and interests with the New Zealand Government.
  • Host forums for New Zealand and Korea companies within Korea to exchange views, experiences and to extend contracts.
  • Provide networking and mentoring program opportunities to New Zealanders working in Korea and for Koreans intending to live and work in New Zealand.
  • Seek to deepen the appreciation of Korea’s and New Zealand’s culture, history, and heritage amongst its members.
  • Establish close links with like organizations or associations to enhance closer relations to the benefit of all members.
For wine lovers, or those interested in experiencing New Zealand culture firsthand, the Kiwi Chamber organizes the New Zealand Wine Festival Seoul & Busan each year. They also host a variety of other events throughout the year. For more information and registration, please visit the Kiwi Chamber Events Calendar.