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Untitled 2017 | Seogwipo-si, Jeju

As well as G-Dragon paving a star-studded career at YG Entertainment, the multi-million dollar idol has also established his own brunch cafe at Jeju Shinhwa World. Alongside Jeju’s peaceful wind and waves, Untilted 2017 serves coffee, tea and bingsoo for waiting guests. There is an artistic flair to the cafe, with low hanging flower ornaments taking up most of the space and inviting guests to snap that perfect picture. Untitled 2017 is also where G-Dragon’s own fashion brand, PEACEMINUSONE, is exhibitioned.

Aori Ramen | Various Locations

Owned by BigBang's Seungri, Aori Ramen is a Japanese style ramen restaurant that has now grown into a large franchise in South Korea. The first Aori Ramen was opened in 2016, and now has locations all over South Korea, as well as a restaurant in both Vietnam and Malaysia. The menu is simple, one base ramen, but with various add-ons, spices and sizes. One of the highlights of the restaurants is the single-seating area, where solo diners can come in, sit in a solo booth and be served through a curtain.


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