Dobangsan Mountain | Dobong-gu, Seoul

Dobangsan Mountain | Dobong-gu, Seoul

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Located northeast of Bukhansan National Park, Dobongsan reaches 739 meters and offers more sunlight coverage, valleys, and streamside trails than its neighboring Samgaksan. The hike is about 10 kilometers and takes about 4-5 hours in its entirety and can be walking mixed with rock climbing, if desired.

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Dobangsan Mountain Hiking Course

  •  Bukhansanseong Fortress Course (3.4km, 2hrs 45min): Bukhansanseong Hiking Support Center → Daeseomun → Deungungak → Baegundae
  • Baegundae Course (1.9km, 1hr 30min): Baegundae Hiking Support Center → Harujae → Baegun Shelter → Baegundae
  • Sinseondae Course (3.3km, 1hr 40min): Dobong Hiking Support Center → Seowonteo → Dobong Shelter → Seokguram → Sinseondae
  • Mangwolsa Temple, Podae and Hoeryong Course (5.8km, 2hrs 20min): Wondobong Hiking Support Center → Deokjesaem → Mangwolsa Temple → Podae Ridge → Hoeryong 4-way Intersection → Hoeryong Hiking Support Center 
  • Uiam Course (2.5km, 1hr 10min): Dobong Hiking Support Center → Bomun Ridge → Cheonjinsa Temple → Uiam
  • Obong Course (6.5km, 3hrs 30min): Songchubunso → Songchu Waterfall → Obong 3-way Intersection → Obong Peak → Yeoseongbong Peak → Obong Hiking Support Center
  • Sapaesan Mt. Course (5.5km, 3hrs): Songchubunso → Hoeryong 4-way Intersection → Sapaesan Mt. → Wongaksa Temple → Entrance of Sapaesan Mt.
  • Daenammun Course (5.8km, 3hrs):  Bukhansanseong Hiking Support Center → Daeseomun → Jungseongmun → Daenammun
  • Samobawi Rock Course (4.3km, 3hrs):  Gugi Hiking Support Center → Daenammun → Cheongsudongammun → Samobawi Rock

How To Get There

By Subway:

It is located at exit 1 of Dobongsan mountain station (Seoul subway line 1 & 7)

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