Ewha Womans University | Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

Ewha Womans University | Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

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Ewha Womans University | Seoul

Founded in 1886, Ewha is located in the heart of Seoul. Ewha Womans University is a private women’s university and is widely considered to be the top women’s university in South Korea. About 21,000 students attend Ewha with about 16,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduate students. Ewha has 12 undergraduate colleges and a Global School of continuing Education, 6 graduate schools, 4 professional graduate schools, and 9 special graduate schools. 

There is also an Ewha International Summer College (EISC) that holds a 4 week and a 2-week program. People who are eligible must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be a current undergraduate, graduate student, or prospective student who will begin that fall.


International students who would like to be admitted into Ewha must complete several admissions steps and it begins with an online application. To be eligible to apply as an international student, one must meet all the following criteria:

  • Have a non-Korean nationality, parents also must have nationalities somewhere other than Korea.
  • Be a female as Ewha does not accept applications from male students.
  • Undergraduates must have completed high school and have a diploma.
  • Graduate students must have completed a four-year university program and acquired a Bachelor’s degree. 
  • Students after a Doctoral degree must have completed a graduate program and have acquired a Master’s degree.
  • Students must meet one of the following language proficiency requirements. 
    • Undergraduate Freshman applicants must have achieved TOPIK Level 3 or above while transfer students and graduate program applicants must have achieved TOPIK level 4 or above. 
    • Level 4 or above of the Korean Language Intensive program at Ewha Language Center is completed.
    • English Proficiency Scores: TOEFL (PBT550, iBT80), IELTS 5.5, TEPS 550 (New TEPS 296) or above.
    • Completion of high school or university education conducted entirely in Korean or English.
    • Ewha’s recognition that the applicant’s Korean or English proficiency reaches or is higher than the requirements listed above. 

Ewha provides information on entrance quotas on their website.


Undergraduate students must propose a major by the end of freshman year or sophomore year depending on the department. The deadline for changing a major is the end of one’s second or third year depending on the department. Students are also able to double major or have a minor. 

For English-speaking students interested in attending the school, Ewha hosts exchange students from visiting schools, offers a MBA program in English, and hosts a Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) program.

The Graduate School of International Studies consists of International Studies and Korean studies. The following are the 4 concentrations under the International Studies Department:

  • International Trade
  • International Business
  • Development Cooperation
  • International Relations

Tuition & Fees

Applicants must make a payment when they submit their online application. Tuition fees vary depending on the program chosen. 


Ewha offers several scholarships for incoming and registered international students. 

Incoming international students have three scholarships available to them. 

  1. Candidates for the EGPP are from a developing country that demonstrates the potential to become a female leader and has applied through special admission for international students. The coverage for this scholarship includes full tuition fee and admission fee, on-campus dormitory fee, and a stipend. 
  2. ISS has four variants that are different due to the length of each scholarship. Candidates for the ISS four year full tuition fee, two-year full tuition fee, and one-year full tuition fee are international students who apply to the undergraduate school via special admission for international students. The candidates for the ISS half tuition fee for one semester are students who have achieved TOPIK Level 6. 
  3. The Ewha Language Center Scholarship in Excellence in Korean Language is awarded to international students who have completed more than 3 semesters and complete Level 6 of the Korean Intensive Program at Ewha Language Center. 

Registered International Students have two scholarships available to them.

  1. The ISS M is for undergraduate students who have entered via special admission for international students, on the Dean’s List, and have earned 15 credit hours without failing the semester before. Part of the tuition fee is covered.
  2. ISS V is for undergraduate or graduate registered students who have a foreign nationality, earned 10 credit hours for undergraduates or 6 credit hours for graduate students in the previous semester, have a GPA over 2.0, and has conducted volunteer activities that contribute to international exchange. Part of the tuition fee is covered. 


Ewha has 79 buildings on campus and spans a total of 544,964㎡. 

Ewha has three types of dormitories, the Hanwoori House for undergraduate students, the Ewha-House for freshmen, and the International-House for exchange students and guests. 

Nearby Ewha’s campus is a shopping street commonly referred to as Ewha Womans University Fashion Street. This area is an ideal spot to shop for cosmetics and clothing.

Notable Alumni

Ewha Womans University’s notable alumni include actress Claudia Kim, model Kim Seo-yeon, actress Seo-Min Jung, actress Yang Jin-sung, etc.


For the Times Higher Education (THE) University Impact Rankings 2020, Ewha placed number 1 among domestic universities and 50th worldwide in the issue of gender equality. Ewha, as of 2020, is in the 601-800th category for THE World University Rankings.