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Sogang Korean Language Education Center | Mapo-gu

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Sogang Korean Language Education Center

Sogang Korean Language Education Center (KLEC) is a place where students from all over the world gather together to study Korean and learn from each other. Because Sogang University Korean Language Education Center has students of 50-60 different nationalities, Korean is usually their only language in common, so students have no option but to use Korean when they share their thoughts and opinions with each other.

Sogang KLEC has become well known throughout the world for its curriculum Sogang Korean Language, which their instructors and students are constantly working to improve and refine. The curriculum presents students with effective and dynamic situations through which to practice their Korean language skills.

Sogang Curriculum

The staff of Sogang University Korean Language Education Center consists of 7 full-time instructors and 75 full-time contract instructors. As all instructors are employed from the beginning as regular, full-time staff, they maintain a high level of enthusiasm and sense of responsibility. Each of their instructors boasts outstanding achievements in the fields of both Korean language and Korean studies, and they share their research results and teaching methods during frequent workshops and meetings.

Sogang KLEC offers Korean for general purpose and Korean for academic purpose all year round, 20 hours per week and also have special advanced courses, professional courses, summer special courses, short courses and customized courses for businesses and organizations.

Korean for General Purpose (KGP) 200

This is the main program of Sogang KLEC and focuses on improving the ability to communicate. It consists of four hours of classes between 9am and 1pm that focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This class is 20 hours a week, totalling 200 hours. It meets Monday-Friday for 10 weeks. There are levels 1-6 and classes are 16 students or fewer. This course is offered in tandem with a culture class, which is effective in helping students gain a deeper understanding of Korean.

Korean for Academic Purpose (KAP) 200

This course was created for students who are intending to seek admission to undergraduate or graduate university programs in Korea. In comparison to KGP200, this course is designed to facilitate the natural acquisition of the necessary grammar, vocabulary, writing skills, knowledge of Korean culture, and other useful information through the study of academic subjects. Through this course, students will prepare for and learn about university life in Korea. The course is four hours per day, broken down into 1 hour of writing (academic writing from level 3 onward), 2 hours of speaking, and 1 hour of listening and reading. (The exact breakdown of the course varies according to level).

 This class is 20 hours a week, totalling 200 hours. It meets Monday-Friday for 10 weeks from 1:30-5:30pm. There are levels 1-6 and classes are 16 students or fewer. 

Korean for General Purpose (KGP) 60

The KGP60 program is a course designed for students who do not have time to study in the morning or the afternoon. Courses are held three times a week, and the materials are light, enjoyable, engaging, and helpful to students. The course particularly reflects the demands of students who are working in Korea or exchange students, and includes language that is frequently used in the workplace and in schools to help those students achieve their goals.

This class meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday for 3 days a week and 10 weeks per session, from 6:50-8:40pm. It is designed for students of levels 1-3 and has 16 students or fewer. 

Special Advanced

This program is designed for students who wish to gain a deeper and broader understanding of Korean language, culture, and society. The course uses online news, print news, literature, and other real-life materials. A different professional instructor teaches each class. Students are able to push their Korean to an advanced level through research, debates and presentations on Korean culture and contemporary Korean society. Course materials change every session to match the interests and specialized fields of the students.

This class meets 5 days a week for 10 weeks, from 9am-1pm. This course is only for level 7 students who are very advanced. 


This course is an intensive training program designed for diplomats to attain total mastery of Korean, Korean culture, and Korean society. It’s targeted at diplomats who have been dispatched to Korea and focuses on daily Korean with specialized terminology related to working life and Korean culture. The course materials include news, reports, internet articles, videos, and so on. 

The course consists of three portions: a language class, a current affairs class, and a culture class. 

Summer Special Course (July)

The special summer course (Sogang Korean Immersion Program) is an intensive summer program designed for students who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of Korean culture and communicative abilities in Korean. More information is on the summer immersion website

Short Course

Sogang’s short-term Korean courses are designed to help students study Korean and Korean culture over a short period. These courses are offered both domestically and internationally, and arranged at the request of universities, government offices, or businesses. As the courses combine Korean language and culture into one class, students are able to perfectly experience Korea. Course fees vary according to the class duration and type of cultural outing. Please inquire for detailed information.

Customized Course

The curriculum of Sogang’s customized courses is designed to facilitate the organic learning of Korean language and culture. They divide classes according to the skill level and learning propensity of the students. The cultural outings are conducted with the help of a Korean guide who can assist students in their study of the Korean language. Additionally, special cultural trips are sometimes held on weekends. The courses use Sogang University textbooks as well as a variety of supplemental materials to provide students with a fun and advantageous learning experience.

Admission Procedure

In order to apply, first sign up and fill up the application form on their website. Documents will go through a screening process and a notification of acceptance will be sent. Then you must pay your tuition in order to receive official admission by KLEC. Relevant documents will be sent to students to apply for a D-4 visa. Finally, take a placement test at the KLEC. 

Tuition & Fees

₩60,000 registration fee, course materials not included

KGP200: ₩1,790,000 per semester

KAP200: ₩1,770,000 per semester

KGP60: ₩700,000 per semester

Special Advanced: ₩1,790,000 per semester

Sogang Location and Contact

Address: 35 Baekbeom-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul 04107

Tel: 02-705-8088~9


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