Lexis Korea | Seocho-gu, Seoul

Lexis Korea | Seocho-gu, Seoul

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Lexis Korea

Lexis Korea provides Korean language programs of the highest quality in both Seoul and Busan, where they offer a modern study environment for students to learn in. They have a wide range of programs suitable for language learners of every level and interest to choose from.

They are the repeated winner of the ESL World School award and were recognized in 2014 with the STM World Language School Star Award. 

Lexis Korea Curriculum

Lexis offers 8 different kinds of Korean courses: Intensive 25, Intensive 15, TOPIK Preparation, Weekend Korean, 1:1 Lessons, Junior Program, University Pathways, and Corporate Training.

Intensive 25

The Intensive Korean 25 Course is a full time course, suitable for non-native overseas students who are aiming to progress rapidly. The curriculum enables students to learn Korean in a fast yet fun way, covering all speaking, listening, reading and writing aspects. In addition to the morning core classes, the Intensive Korean 25 program includes a skills-focussed afternoon program designed to optimize language proficiency. With a range of options to select from in each of the key language skills sets, the afternoon class allows students to extend their learning experience to address key areas of interest. In addition to attending classes, you will require dedicated time to self-study. You are expected to revise the materials covered in class and also complete the homework given. This will ensure that your language proficiency accelerates regardless of your stay duration.

There are 7 levels from Foundation to Advanced. This class is offered Monday to Friday from 9am-3:30pm. There are also 9 “afternoon option” classes, like conversation, TOPIK preparation, K-Drama, breaking news dictation, job club, Korean etiquette class, Korean kitchen, book club, and even K-POP. 

Intensive 15

The Intensive Korean 15 Course is a part time course, suitable for non-native overseas students who are aiming to learn the Korean language based on a leisure interest. Students are expected to revise materials covered in class and also complete the homework given. This will ensure that your language proficiency accelerates regardless of your stay duration. The Intensive Korean 15 course covers only Lexis’s core curriculum with a syllabus designed to accelerate all your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills within a short period of time.

There are 7 levels from Foundation to Advanced. This class is offered Monday to Friday from 9am-12:15pm. 

TOPIK Preparation Course

The TOPIK class is a comprehensive preparation class for the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) and a good choice for students who want to be admitted to Korean universities, have a longer-term visa, or check their own Korean abilities. At Lexis, you will be taught by a dedicated and experienced TOPIK exam preparation teacher. You can improve your reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening skills, take practice tests using past exam papers, with answer guides and teacher feedback, and improve your Korean language whilst working towards an internationally recognized qualification.

There are 5 levels that correspond with TOPIK levels. This class is offered Monday to Friday from 9am-3:30pm. 

Weekend Korean

This weekend class is for office workers or students who would prefer a slower paced language study experience. There are 7 levels from Foundation to Advanced. This class is offered on Sundays from 9am-12:15pm.  

1:1 Lessons

This is a one to one intensive lesson between a teacher and a student, taught either as a stand-alone program or as an addition to the Intensive classes for those who require additional support. This program is recommended for students who are not able to attend regular Intensive classes or prefer individual private attention. Teachers are assigned to students based upon their specific interests and a tailored class curriculum is made to target your specific interests and personal goals. Classes are typically two hours in duration, but alternative arrangements can be made depending on the student’s preference. Students may wish to form their own schedule to best suit their personal needs. After deciding on which days and time of the week to meet, please consult with Lexis to finalize the schedule.

There are 7 levels from Foundation to Advanced. 

Junior Program

This program is a unique opportunity for teens from all over the world to learn the Korean language while experiencing the local lifestyle and cultural immersion during their stay in South Korea. Lexis ensures that every aspect of their students’ welfare and time is well supported – from our innovative language classes, after-class activities, the security and comfort of carefully selected homestay families as well as transport services. This program can be from 1-4 weeks long. 

University Pathways

Lexis Korea’s pathway program is all about options. Their pathway program is designed to offer an alternate streamlined path into an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program in South Korea. In order to qualify for admission into the universities in South Korea, international students (both new and transfer students) will have to meet certain qualification requirements, amongst which is Korean Language Proficiency. Their program is in partnership with Konkuk University, Hanyang University, and Dankook University, which alleviates the need for the TOPIK exam. 

Upon enrolling at Lexis Korea, you will undertake a placement test to determine your intake level. The course duration varies depending on your Korean proficiency level. You may commence on any given Monday. After attaining your university’s required Korean proficiency level at Lexis Korea, you’ll be eligible to enter the university’s final ten week language program. Then after completion of the required level of the University Language Program, and on the condition that you meet all other requirements, you will be eligible to undertake an Undergraduate/Postgraduate Program.

Corporate Training

The Corporate Training program is designed to provide companies and organizations with the training to improve Korean language ability as well as cultivate a better understanding of the Korean culture. They deliver high quality general, business or specialist language training programs to local Korean businesses, education institutions, and local or overseas government organizations. They can be arranged for any number of staff, whether in small groups or individual training situations. A high level of customisation within their Corporate Training area allows for on or off-site classes or training through online media. 

Lexis Korea Admission Procedure

You can enroll in a class by visiting their homepage and filling out a form. They also have an online pretest to help determine your Korean proficiency level. 

Lexis Korea Tuition & Fees

Lexis’s fees and dates can all be found here.


Lexis has a few accommodation recommendations for students. There are four options: student residence, homestay, mini studio, and serviced apartment

Location and Contact

A contact form can be found here.

Seoul (Gangnam) Campus

Address: 11F Anytower, 7, Gangnam-daero 53-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 06626

Tel: 02-588-4900

Email: info@LexisKorea.com

Busan (Seomyeon) Campus

Address: 6th Floor, DS Tower, 73 Dongcheon-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan, Korea

Tel: 051-804-4900

Email: info@LexisKorea.com

For a more comprehensive look at what Lexis has to offer, check out their 2020 brochure.

If you simply don’t have the time to take classes and would rather use an easy app to learn Korean, try LingoDeer!