Ganada Korean | Various Locations, Seoul

Ganada Korean | Various Locations, Seoul

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Ganada Korean Language School

Ganada is an institute that teaches Korean through a variety of classes for beginners to advanced Korean learners. Established in 1991, this academy (hagwon) is the first Korean language school in Korea and was established by lecturers from the Yonsei University language programs. Approximately 400 students a month study Korean at the institute. 

Ganada Korean Curriculum

Ganada’s experienced instructors, of which they have around 40, are educated and trained in teaching Korean as a foreign language. They have several courses: regular class, conversation class, TOPIK class, business conversation class, short-term programs, online courses, and even private lessons and visiting lectures.

Regular Class

The regular classes are the most popular. They are designed from level one to six in order to improve students’ Korean in an effective way. Students must first take a placement test and then they will be assigned to the appropriate class. A single class is around 8-9 students, with no more than 12. They offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes on the weekdays and a Saturday class. These course follow the “New Ganada Korea” textbook series, and the course duration for one level can be from 2-6 months. 

Conversation Class

This class is for those with basic grammatical knowledge but wish to improve their speaking skills. The syllabus is more focused on practical expressions in varied daily life situations. There are three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced. This class is offered from 3-3:50pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


The TOPIK class is a comprehensive preparation class for the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK). The course includes a final review on vocabulary and grammar, analyses of past TOPIK tests, question patterns and study strategies, essay corrections, and mock tests. This class only has the intermediate and advanced levels and is offered from 10am-12:50pm on Saturdays. 

Business Conversation Class

The business conversation class is designed to help students practice expressions and conversational Korean used in meetings, emails, and presentations in today’s business environment. They only have the intermediate class, and the class meets from 7-8:50pm on Wednesdays.

Short-Term Program

This is a one or two-week intensive program which includes cultural experiences such as Korean food cooking and watching a performance, etc. A dining event will be held after the completion ceremony. A sample day in this intensive program includes a few hours of Korean lessons, and then a fun immersive cultural activity like a Seoul tour or watching a Korean movie together. It is possible to take just one week of the two-week programs and pay the same tuition as a one-week program. 

Private Lesson and Visiting Lecture

This is a customized lesson tailored to each student’s level, time, and needs to maximize the results. You can learn what you want quickly and efficiently. The curriculum can cover conversation, grammar, pronunciation correction, business English, college preparation, naturalization test preparation, TOPIK preparation, and even more professional Korean language learning. A private lesson would take place on the Ganana campus, while a visiting lecture can be given at any location that a student wishes. 

These classes are typically one-on-one, but if a student forms a group of 2-4, then a private group lesson is available as well. Private lessons have to be scheduled for a minimum of 60 minutes per lesson and 90 minutes in the evening past 6 pm, weekends, and holidays. Visiting lectures should be for a minimum of 90 minutes per lesson. 

Online Classes

The online classes are offered in group and individual formats. The group class would have 4 students on average and take place on the video chatting platform Zoom. It is 40 minutes 4 days a week, with two different time slots to choose from. This class uses the book “New Ganada Korean for Foreigners” and the workbook. The individual classes take place on Hangout and are tailored to best fit your needs and plan study times around your schedule. This class also uses the textbook but you can also use other materials if you want. 

Ganada Korean Admission Procedure

You can reach out for a consultation by visiting one of their locations, calling, emailing, or instant messaging. In order to register, you have to fill out the application form, take the level test, and pay the tuition and fees before you can start the lesson. You can pay through cash or credit or online.

You can receive up to a 100% refund before the class begins. After it begins, you can receive a 50% refund within a week, but the tuition is nonrefundable after a week. Additionally, you can delay or defer your class for up to 6 months. You can get a refund for private lessons and visiting lectures. 

Ganada Korean Tuition & Fees

Textbook fee ₩25,000; workbook fee ₩11,000; level test fee ₩10,000. 

Regular class: Morning class ₩430,000/month; Afternoon class ₩300,000/month; Evening class ₩230,000/month, Saturday class ₩180,000/month, not including textbook fees.

Conversation class: ₩230,000/month, not including textbook fees.

TOPIK class: ₩200,000/month, not including textbook fees.

Business Conversation class: ₩140,000/month, not including textbook fees.

Short-term program: One-week ₩490,000; Two-week ₩690,000. Includes tuition, extracurricular activities fees, and textbook fees.

Private lesson: 1 student ₩42,000/hour; 2 students ₩25,000/hour; 3 students ₩20,000/hour; 4 students ₩18,000/hour 

Visiting lecture: 1 student ₩53,000/hour; 2 students ₩36,000/hour; 3 students ₩28,000/hour; 4 students ₩23,000/hour.

Online class: Group class ₩250,000/month; Individual 50 min ₩34,000, 60 min ₩40,000, 90 min ₩60,000. 

Visa and Accommodation for Ganada Students

If you want to get a visa, you should finalize registration (file your application and make the payment for 3 month tuition) at least a month prior to the registration deadline. After registration, Ganada will issue the admission letter for your visa, as the requested documents for your visa could be different depending on your nationality. Then, hand in the required documents to issue a visa to the local Korean embassy or consulate.

They have resources regarding booking furnished accommodations at boarding houses and inns on their website

Ganada Locations and Contact

Ganada Hongdae (main campus): 

Address: Sungdo Bld. 3F, 15 Donggyo-ro 25-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Subway: Hongik Univ. Station (Line 2, Airport Railroad Line, Gyeongui-Jungang Line) Exit 2

Tel: 02-332-6003


Ganada Gangnam: 

Address: Dawoo Bld. 3F, 38-3 Teheran-ro 4-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Subway: Gangnam Station (Line 2) Exit 1, Gangnam Station (Sinbundang Line) Exit 3

Tel: 02-565-6303


Ganada Yongsan:

Address: Yongsan Prugio Summit 2F, 69 Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Subway: Yongsan Station(Line 1, Gyeongui-Jungang Line) Exit 1 Sinyongsan Station(Line 4) Exit 3



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