EWHA Language Center | Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

EWHA Language Center | Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

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Ewha University Korean Language Program

Since teaching Korean as a second language in 1988, the Korean Language Program at Ewha Language Center has established its status as one of the leading Korean Language education institutes in Korea by continuously developing their curricula, course materials and methodologies.

Most importantly, Ewha Language Center has devoted its resources to building an outstanding faculty, excellent teaching materials, and a caring attitude towards students, which is regarded as the best professional institution for Korean language education in terms of both size and quality in Korea.

Program Outline

Ewha Language Center offers intensive program, short-term program, highest advanced program and Korean Teacher training program.

Intensive program outline

The intensive program is offered 4 times a year and each semester is 10 weeks long. The program is focused on four skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Short-term program outline

The short-term program is offered 6 times a year from Monday to Friday, 14:00-17:50. It is aimed to improve a learner’s Korean communication skills within a short period of time.

Highest advanced program outline

The highest advanced program is aimed to improve a learner’s Korean language ability needed for professional usage and understand Korean culture and society on a deeper level.


Tuition for Intensive program

Tuition for Short-term program

Tuition for Highest advanced program