Sanchon | Jongno-gu, Seoul

Sanchon | Jongno-gu, Seoul

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Prepared with fresh vegetables and wild plants from neighboring fields and mountains, Sanchon serves gourmet seasonal temple cuisine. This restaurant was opened by Monk Jeongsan and inspired by Kimyunshik, a Buddhist monk renowned as a top authority on vegetarian food in Korea. Sanchon seeks to provide a unique eating experience that sees a set menu served with various side dishes (banchan). Hot or cool tea in various flavors can be paired with the meal.


Sanchon’s menu varies depending on the season but their set menu usually includes:

  • Appetizer – water kimchi, bing ( a wheat flour-based Chinese food with a flattened or disk-like shape), all kinds of vegetables
  • Geotjeori (kimchi that’s made to be eaten fresh without fermentation), Fern, bell flower, twigak (dried vegetables that are fried directly), tofu, jelly
  • Potato, seasoned deodeok, chop suey ( a stir-fried vegetable dish)
  • Fries, rice, stew, tea, yukwa (fried rice snack) 

You can enjoy your meal with drinks such as soju, beer, wine, fruit wine, grain wine and others.

You can make a reservation through their website.

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