Egg Drop Korea|Various Locations

Egg Drop Korea|Various Locations

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Egg Drop, South Korea

Egg Drop, similar to the famous Los Angeles shop Egg Slut, is a sandwich shop with many chains in Seoul around Korea. Although it has been around for a while, its popularity skyrocketed after it was featured in the very popular Korean drama Hospital Playlist (슬기로운 의사생활). The brand’s sandwiches appeared in multiple episodes as the main character Ikjun Lee’s son’s favorite thing to eat and were also popular among the hospital’s resident doctors.

Delicious and Affordable Sandwiches at Various Locations

Brand Concept (Design)

Egg Drop Seoul aims to emulate the American diner experience, specifically the retro New York aesthetic, which can be seen in their affinity for checkered patterns and the stainless steel finish in their restaurants. They also aim to provide delicious sandwiches and drinks at reasonable prices.

Menu (Food and Drink)

Every Egg Drop sandwich involves an egg component, usually a soft scramble. The egg and other toppings are sandwiched between a split and toasted brioche bun slathered in their special egg sauce. The only exception to this is the Tamago Sando, which is a Japanese-inspired egg omelet between two slices of sandwich bread and wasabi sauce.

Their most popular sandwich is the American Ham Cheese, which has a scrambled egg, sliced ham, cheddar cheese, parsley and egg sauce between a brioche bun, but Bacon Double Cheese and Mr. Egg sandwiches are also popular. They also offer more adventurous flavors like Teriyaki BBQ and Avo Holic as well as a cobb salad.

They have various coffee drinks, juices and sodas as well.


Egg Drop has many different locations, and they all can be found here. Each store also has varying operation times, so be sure to double-check before going! If you can’t go yourself, order on a delivery app! A few locations are on Baedal Minjok (배달의민족) and Shuttle.

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