The Baker’s Table | Yongsan-gu, Seoul

The Baker’s Table | Yongsan-gu, Seoul

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German Bakery & Restaurant: The Baker’s Table

In a land where most bakeries give off the smell of sweet garlic bread, The Baker’s Tables is a truly delightful find for those who like hearty whole-grain breads. This German bakery & restaurant delivers fresh and delicious German-style bread in Itaewon. You’ll also find terrific breakfasts and brunch options, as well as authentic German food like great German schnitzel and bratwurst. The bakery sell a wide selection of homemade bread as well as hummus, jams, spreads, wines and much more. There is seating available inside the bakery to enjoy breakfast or lunch from the main menu and don’t forget to take away a delicious baked treat away with you!