Cafe Tajagi | Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Cafe Tajagi | Yongsan-gu, Seoul

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Cafe Tajagi in Seoul

Cafe Tajagi is a small, cozy typewriter themed cafe located in the Shin Heung Art Market in Haebangchon Village. This hole-in-the wall cafe is known mainly to locals for it’s amazing atmosphere and stunning view looking over the rooftops of Haebangchon Village.

The vibe at Cafe Tajagi

Inside Cafe Tajagi, you can find a younger generation of customers studying, enjoying the Indie and R&B music curated by the cafe, and taking in the great view. The best time to visit this cafe is at sunset when the view from the cafe windows is at its best, but be ready for a slightly larger crowd trying to take pictures from different corners of the cafe. If you are looking for a quieter time of the day try going around 6:00pm to get work done and find a seat at one of the few tables.

Cafe Tajagi is themed to take customers back in time in with pop-culture memorabilia, old news paper clippings, and fun trinkets from an older generation scattered throughout the cafe. You might recognize one of the movies from the classic movie posters the cafe has displayed on the walls when you first walk in. Spread among the seating area are also many typewriters that are nice to admire, but the cafe asks that you do not touch (they are fragile with age).

The best seat to relax in at Cafe Tajagi, is the loveseat facing the large windows that overlook the rooftops of Haebangchon Village. This seat is popular among couples and friends (and on the Korean indie cafe scene) on Instagram for taking sunset pictures with the city skyline in the background. If you’re not lucky enough to grab a spot at the loveseat area, sit down and relax at one of the other seating areas and leave a note for other visitors on the notepads that are left on the cafe tables to freely write on.

Not sure what to order on your first visit? Try ordering the cafe’s spotlighted drink named after itself, the “Cafe Tajagi” or chocolate einspanner. The vibe at Cafe Tajagi is great and if you’re looking for a place off the beaten path then this cafe is for you. 

Cafe Tajagi’s Menu


  • Americano
  • Choco Eisnpanner
  • Cafe Latte
  • Vanilla Latte
  • Ca phe Sua da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee)

Hand drip

  • Columbian
  • Ethiopia
  • Guatemala
  • El Salvador


  • Real Chocolate


  • Honey, Apple, Cinnamon
  • Lemon, Citron, Berry
  • Orange Citron Ade
  • Blue Lemon Ade

Hot Tea

  • Earl Grey
  • Hibiscus
  • Camomile 


  • Cream Castella Cake
  • Brownie
  • Red Bean and Cream Bread
  • Strawberry Donut


  • Budweiser
  • Kozel Dark
  • Jager Bomb
  • 1644 Blanc
  • Blue Moon
  • Vodka Cranberry
  • Malibu Orange

How to get to Cafe Tajagi

The easiest way to get to Cafe Tajagi is by taking the subway line 4 to Sookmyung Women’s University and exiting at entrance #5. Since Haebangchon Village is a bit far from the subway station, you will want to take the bus right outside of exit #5.

Take the green Yongsan 02 (용산02) bus at bus stop #03565 (숙대역5번출구 정류장 03565 승차) to the entrance of Shin Heung Art Market. You will ride the bus for 10 stops and exit at bus stop #03588, Haebangchon 5-way stop (해방촌오거리 정류장 03588 하자). You will then walk back on the street from the way the bus came for about one minute and you will see the entrance to Shin Heung Art Market on your left.

Once you enter the market, take a right down the alleyway and after walking one minute you will see a small glass door between two shops with the Cafe Tajagi logo and typewriter on it. Go up the stairs behind the door and you will have arrived. 

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