Butterfinger Pancakes | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Butterfinger Pancakes | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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Think of all the brunch food that you can and imagine you can enjoy it at midnight or even after midnight. That goes against the idea of brunch, but why not try breaking the rules at Butterfinger Pancakes? Last on this list but definitely not the least, this place for the ultimate brunch feast is open from 7am to 3am everyday.

Along with the delicious, traditional options, they also offer an unending list of unique creations that you can only find here, such as the T-bone steak pancake. Their menu is so huge that regardless of what you go in craving, once you see the menu you will take forever to decide on your order.

One of their most popular dish is the Giant Alligator that comes with four different flavors of ice cream between layers of waffles, with jam and whipped cream. Now that is a snack appropriate for any time of the day.