Seoul Shakespeare Company

Seoul Shakespeare Company

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Seoul Shakespeare Company is an all-volunteer theatre company that brings Shakespeare’s works to Seoul audiences in English, with Korean subtitles. They have existed since 2010, and have put on fully-staged productions since 2011.

They typically produce one major show per year in Korea’s theatre district of Daehangno, with smaller fundraising events throughout the year, as well as acting workshops that are open to the community.

They serve three main populations in Korea:

  1. Korean audience members (including students) who would like to see Shakespeare performed in the original language,
  2. English-speaking audience members who would like to see theatre performed in a language they understand, and
  3. English-speakers (both foreign and Korean) who want to participate in making theatre.

By being an all-volunteer company, they are able to allow people of all nationalities to participate freely in the creation of theatre. At the same time, they aim to put on productions that are professional in quality, so that they are worth the time and effort of people who are serious about a future career in the theatre.

Some of their past company members are now pursuing a professional career in theatre in other countries, and one of their core purposes is to provide an opportunity for English-speaking theatre people living in Korea to continue to develop their craft, while also contributing positively to Korean society.