Korea-Africa Foundation | Jung-gu, Seoul

Korea-Africa Foundation | Jung-gu, Seoul

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Korea-Africa Foundation

The Korea-Africa Foundation (KAF) was established in 2018 as the fourth affiliated institution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the goal of promoting partnership with the Africa continent in areas such as politics, economic, cultural, academic and others.

By conducting comprehensive research and fostering professional experts, the Korea-Africa Foundation aims to serve as a platform for collaboration between private and public sectors, strengthen exchange and cooperation with African countries and enhance mutual understanding. This is to ensure that Korean youths, businesses, and organizations explore a new dimension of possibilities together with Africa.

The Korea-Africa Foundation hosts various events and activities aimed to shed light on African socio-cultural, economic and political activities. Events include the model African union assembly, conferences and seminars on economic opportunities in the African market, African cafe which introduces diverse African cuisine and many others.

You can find more about their events, publications and activities on their website.