Gwanaksan Mountain | Gwanak-gu, Seoul

Gwanaksan Mountain | Gwanak-gu, Seoul

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Gwanaksan Mountain

Tucked away in Seoul’s southern end, Gwanaksan seems like another world with it’s natural beauty and views within a bustling metropolitan city. Near Seoul Grand Park and Seoul National University, Gwanaksan also has some restaurants that you can visit post-hike and enjoy some food and even some maekkgeolli.

Gwanaksan also boasts barrier-free trails, designed with wheelchairs and prams in mind, the trails consist of boardwalks that maintain mild gradients at most to allow everyone to comfortably enjoy the outdoors.   

Gwanaksan Hiking Course

  • Course 1 (4.5km, 140min): Gwaneumsa Temple Ticket Box → Dwaejibawi Rock → Yeonjudae
  • Course 2 (1.4km, 30min): 1st Square → Acacia Dongsan Hill → Ogyucheon → Sujung Dongsan Hill → 4th Campground
  • Course 3 (2km, 80min): 4th Campground → Yeonjusaem Spring → 3rd Ggalddak Hill → Yeonjuam Rock → Yeonjudae
  • Course 4 (0.9km, 15min): 4th Campground → Yongcheonsu → Jeolgu Mineral Spring → Samgeori (3-way Jun.) → Muneomi Hill
  • Course 5 (1.9km, 65min): 2nd Square → Royal Azalea Dongsan Hill → Samakjeong → Samgeori (3-way Jun.) → Ggalddak Hill
  • Course 6 (0.8km, 25min): Royal Azalea Dongsan Hill → 2nd Ggalddak Hill → 4th Campground
  • Course 7 (2.8km, 70min): Senior’s Zone → Dolsan → Yongamcheon → Gukgibong → 1st Campground
  • Course 8 (1.5km, 55min): Hwalteo → 3rd Campground → 2nd Campground → 1st Campground
  • Course 9 (1.4km, 50min): Samseongsan Mt. → Seongji (Holy Land) → Samho Mineral Spring → Songam Mineral Spring → 1st Campground
  • Course 10 (1.2km, 40min): Samgeori Mineral Spring → Geobukbawi Rock → Sammaksa Temple

How To Get There

By Bus:

  • Take Bus no. 501, 5412, 5515, 5516, 5517, 5528, 5614, 6512, 6513, or 6514 and get off at Seoul National University Entrance bus stop.

By Subway:

  • Using Seoul National University station (Seoul Subway Line 2), get out from exit 3.
  • Transfer to any bus bound for Seoul National University entrance bus stop.

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