“X-citing” Additions at 7th Avenue



 7th Avenue’s Pink X-rated Martini

7th Avenue debuts its beautiful and delicious X-rated Martini. Made with X-rated Fusion Liqueur, this flashy drink is bound to leave you “x-tremely” satisfied. Their secret recipe of the liqueur, vodka, triplesec, and fruity flavors look like a bright sunset and taste like the summer.

x rated drink

7th Avenue’s Beer Bottle Set

For an “x-tra” delicious deal, order a bucket of 5 bottles of ice cold beer of your choice and french fries or beef nachos for only W60,000. Or double your order, 10 bottles of ice cold beer, for only W110,000! Especially after spending some time on the dance floor, you’ll be thirsty for this tasty Beer Bottle Set!

7 ave

7th Avenue is well known in Itaewon as the place to go for music lovers of all genres and generations. With over 7,000 different kinds of LP records, listening to the DJ spinning every night or choosing requests right off the wall of vinyls creates an engaged, fun crowd. Check out this rocking crowd and more on 7th Avenue’s Facebook page!

Whether you’re thirsty for some new treats or yearning for some new tunes, head over to 7th Avenue this summer with your friends to celebrate the warm weather and cool down with some great deals!

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