Victim Mentality Perform at Club Ta before U.S. Tour

Victim Mentality Perform at Club Ta before U.S. Tour

Words by Maia Oliver

Victim Mentality
Seoul rock band Victim Mentality will release their debut full-length effort, “Heavy Metal Is Back,” at the end of this month. But on March 6, the group are giving fans a chance to check out their new music a bit early by playing a special preview show for the disc at Club Ta in Hongdae.
“We’re going to play all of the songs from ‘Heavy Metal Is Back’ at the concert,” shares guitarist Sohn Kyung-Ho.  “This will be the first time that we’ve performed several of the tracks live. It’s going to be a really fun night and Victim Mentality will be dressed in our fabulous costumes, makeup, and will be playing lots of great heavy metal for everyone to enjoy!”

Sohn isn’t joking about the costumes and makeup part. Heavily influenced by 1980s glam and hair metal, Victim Mentality – which also includes frontman Krocodile, bassist Scorpion, and drummer Tarantula (honestly, how rock ‘n’ roll are all those stage names!) – wear makeup and plenty of leopard-print clothing onstage in an effort to replicate not only the sounds but also the style from their favorite musical era.

Victim Mentality know that some people are scared off by the idea of seeing a heavy metal concert. But this is something they are hoping to change with their anthemic, nostalgic songs, playful image, and over-the-top stage antics.

“Don’t be afraid of heavy metal or Victim Mentality,” says Sohn. “We’re a lot more fun than some people may imagine. For those who are unfamiliar with heavy metal music, I hope you come to one of our concerts. The sound will be much more familiar than you’re expecting. And those who are very familiar with the genre should come and see us too and enjoy the nostalgic feelings of our ‘80s-inspired heavy metal songs.”

Friday night’s concert will also serve as a warm-up show for the group’s upcoming American tour. This month the band will be traveling to the United States to play at Austin, Texas’ world famous South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival. SXSW will be Victim Mentality’s first time playing outside of Korea and they’ll be performing three times as part of the event. They’ll play official showcases on March 18 at Karma Lounge and March 20 at The Majestic. And they’ll also do an unofficial daytime concert in Austin on March 18 at Club Metropolis.

“We’re really excited about playing in the U.S. at SXSW,” says Sohn. “SXSW is a huge festival with bands and music lovers from all around the globe. And the U.S. is also the birthplace of glam metal, so it seems like the perfect place for us to play! We’re really curious to see how people react when we play our music.”

For those who will see Victim Mentality play at Club Ta in Hongdae this weekend or in the U.S. in a few weeks, does Sohn have any tips for how to properly enjoy one of the band’s gigs?

“Why not dress up like us? We can make the night into a wild and awesome ‘80s party together! Heavy metal is back!”

March 6, 8 pm
Where: Club Ta, Hongdae
Price: W22,000

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