Universal Ballet Company Presents La Bayadère

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Universal Ballet Company Presents La Bayadère  

The Universal Ballet Company will be performing La Bayadère, a classical ballet set in ancient India from October 27- November 1. Created by choreographer Marius Petipa in 1877, La Bayadère, or temple dancer in French, tells a twisted love story between bayadère Nikiya and the warrior Solor. The legendary ballet features 150 dancers, intricate costumes, vivid set designs, dramatic movements, and an intriguing, tragic plot.

Nikiya and Solor, who have sworn eternal love to one another, are torn apart by the High Brahmin, Rajah Dugmanta, and the jealous Princess Gamzatti. Events lead to a somber Nikiya dancing at the wedding banquet of Solor and Gamzatti. Upon receiving a flower basket, presumably from Solor, an ecstatic Nikiya dances joyfully only to be bitten by a venomous snake hidden amongst the flowers. Upon realizing that the flower basket was from Gamzatti, Nikiya chooses to die rather than live a life without Solor. Later, in an opium-fueled vision, a heartbroken Solor sees Nikiya’s spirit dancing in a starlit nirvana. Will their spirits be reunited?

The plot, though fascinating, is difficult to follow so reading the plot synopsis in advance is recommended. Please note that the mature themes presented in the ballet make it not suitable for children.


Seoul Arts Center Opera Theater. Weekdays 8 pm; Sat 3 pm & 7 pm; Sun 3 pm. From W10,000. ticket.interpark.com, 070-7124-1737.