Top 10 #Korea Instagrams of the Week

It’s Friday, whoop whoop! And that can only mean it’s time again for my weekly Instagram round up. Lots of awesome entries this week, many involving rubber ducks, but enough about my sex life, here’s what #Korea has to offer. Feel free to comment below and let us know which ones are your favourites.

1. To protect, serve, and take pictures of rubber ducks.



2. Someone’s mother, true story




3. It must have been really weird in the old days when people actually had to look at each other on the subway.



4. We are all in our winter clobber, and this girl is in her bikini….must be different weather up at the Hyatt!




5. Because I’m happy……..




6. To paraphrase Woody from Toy Story, reach for the skies!




7. Handbags are all the rage these days with teenage boys.




8. After queuing for several hours, I hope that churro tasted damn good. 




9. You can’t beat a romantic stroll through the forest, lets hope they don’t run into dire wolves.




10. Party Friday!


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