The South Korean Man Who Can “Balance Anything”

Rocky Byun Chair
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The South Korean Man Who Can “Balance Anything”

Feel like you have all the grace and finesse of a newborn rhino? Here’s something to make your inner klutz feel extra clumsy: Meet Nam Seok “Rocky” Byun,  the Korean man who can balance anything.

A chair on one leg? Pfft.


Rocky Byun Chair

How about a laptop on its corner edge? Easy.

Rocky Byun Laptop

What about balancing white goods on a pebble? No problem.

Rocky Byun Dryer

Rocky works by finding the centre of gravity in objects and using that to balance anything from vases to motorbikes. Seems simple enough. While many online have been sharing his video, others have suggested his talent be utilized more constructively:

Rocky Byun

Watch the video below: