The Korean Miranda Kerr – National News July 2014

National News July 2014


In her never-ending quest to look as much like her favorite model as possible, plastic surgery fan Hong Yuh-reum has had multiple operations done in order to have her face remodeled to look like Miranda Kerr.  With specific work done on her eyes and nose, Ms. Hong said, “It really struck me when I first saw her in a magazine…I knew I wanted to be like her!”  In addition to permanent procedures, Yuh-reum also wears blue contacts and dyes her hair honey-brown to emulate the Australian star. A Kerr superfan, her bedroom is covered in posters and pictures of the actress, with her mirror too apparently a reflection of the face she wishes to copy.  Not creepy in the least, Hong states, “I wanted to look like Miranda Kerr so I decided and went ahead with the surgery.”