The Do’s & Don’ts For Valentine’s Day In Korea

valentines day in korea
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For The Couples

Whether happy, mildly content, or downright depressed

Do sport “couple wear” (matching outfits) proudly.

Do write your loved one a poem in hangul so they’ll have a sweet keepsake to remember you by (or burn when you screw things up).

Do treat yourselves to a walk through Samcheong-dong’s romantic alleyways.

Don’t kick, heckle, or push to the ground any single people you may see in public.

Do spread the love. That is, take one of Korea’s many shelter dogs for a stroll. To find your nearest shelter, visit

Do share a bottle of cheap E-Mart wine and some street snacks at a prime people-watching location like Myeongdong. Suggested menu? Roasted chestnuts, tteokbokki, and baked sweet potatoes. Suggested headgear? Complementary furry animal hats.

Do learn all the moves to “Nobody” by The Wonder Girls and rock it with a special dedication to your partner during a private noraebang session.

For Singles

For the fellow sexy, highly desirable, and surprisingly single friends

Do enjoy a weekend marathon of Korean & English films at Busan’s 10-story theatre, Daeyeong Cinema Town (

Don’t belittle yourself by throwing eggs, kimbap, etc. at blatantly oppressive anti-single signage

Do learn the moves to “I Don’t Care” by 2NE1 and rock it with a special dedication to someone foul at a soju-fueled noraebang session.

Do spin Korea’s cruel cousin to Valentine’s Day ” April 14th‘s Black Day (designated as a mourning period for singletons) ” on its head. Who says eating black noodles has to be a punishment?

Don’t kick, heckle, or push to the ground any couples you may see in public.

Do satisfy your chocolate cravings with a mug of decadent “drinking chocolate” (and a side of homemade pie) at Tartine’s Bakery & Cafe in Itaewon, Seoul (02-3785-3400)