Celebrate Christmas with The Camarata Music Company

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Celebrate Christmas with The Camarata Music Company

On December 12, The Camarata Music Company will perform their much anticipated annual tradition, Handel’s Messiah. The evening brings their choir, orchestra, and soloists together the week before Christmas, for what is the culmination of their six major annual concerts. Founded in 2009, The Camarata Music Company is one of Korea’s strongest proponents of international classical music, built on an ethos that “Everyone loves classical music, whether or not they realize it yet. “

Endearingly presumptuous mission statements aside, the CMC is truly a world class music company, and they often see their choirs and orchestra join forces to perform with international and Korean top professional soloists, creating beautiful renditions of some of the world’s most loved musical compositions, from the renaissance to current day.  

Led by their founder and director Ryan Goessl, the CMC will perform what they say is, “Arguably the greatest and most well-known choral work ever written.” Written by Georg Friderich Händelin in December of 1741 over a period of just three weeks, Handel’s Messiah was launched to extensive acclaim that has ceased to abate 250 years since its first performance. The CMC describes the piece as one that is just as enjoyable and evocative for the artists to play as it is for the audience to listen to. Their performance of Handel’s Messiah will provide an excellent introduction for those new to classical music, or be a timely rendition of an old favourite for those familiar with the genre.
Chungdong First Methodist Church. 7 pm. From W20,000. camaratamusic.com/. tickets@camaratamusic.com, 010-9806-865

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