Terarosa Cafe and Coffee Factory

Gangwon Discovery: Terarosa Cafe and Coffee Factory

Words and shots by Wednesday Robinson

Terarosa Cafe 02

Gangneung is a beautiful city with endless pastoral beauties and traditional experiences. Gangneung just happens to also be the coffee capital of Korea. As such, it has a large variety of cafés and roasters. The crown jewel of these is Terarosa.

Terarosa Cafe 01Despite being the largest family-owned coffee factory and café in Gangneung, Terarosa has a layout which offers a cozy ambiance. The main hall is vast and usually very full of customers. It also contains a display of several machines which portray the evolution of coffee brewing. The bakery and kitchen are both surrounded by glass in wooden frames which effectuates a “museum” sensibility to the main area. However, the dining areas are all smaller rooms with a sequestered semblance. One of the more charming rooms is the greenhouse which mirrors the feeling of dining in an estate conservatory. Coffee trees grow on every side, and potted plants are scattered throughout. Each smaller room has a different view of the grounds, gardens, or mountains. Even the waiting rooms (the patio and vestry) combine rustic beams, stone, and plants to appease the senses. The owners grow much of their own produce on the surrounding plantation. And so, naturally, the dishes offered change seasonally. The food menu is limited, but it represents some of the most delicious baked goods and bistro cuisine one can taste. The view alone is well worth the trip.

For further info about location and opening times, visit: facebook.com/terarosacoffee/info