Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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Spending a summer afternoon at the ballpark is a favorite pastime in many major cities around the world. Spending a summer afternoon at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul promises to take your version to a completely new level. Whether it’s the LG Twins or The Doosan Bears hosting the game, the fans are impressive making the final score almost irrelevant.

I cannot tell you who was playing or who won the first game I attended, but I can say the images of the stadium filled with diehard singing (yes – singing) fans, thunder sticks, and real live cheerleaders will forever be imprinted in my mind. The Korean baseball followers put Chicago Cubs fans to shame, and while there are very few places more dear to me than Chicago’s Wrigley Field, I would argue that seeing a baseball game in Korea is something not to be missed.

The good news is it is relatively easy and surprisingly cheap, making checking it off your list completely manageable. For as little as 6000 KRW, and topping off at 50,000 KRW for VIP seats, you can take it all in. I would recommend opting for reserved seats (about 12,000 KRW) over the cheapest open seating option in the outfield. You will be guaranteed a seat with your friends, have a much better view of the cheerleaders, and will not be disappointed with spending the extra 3,000 KRW.

Inexpensive beer and snacks are readily available in Family Marts, at Burger King or KFC and from other vendors located in and around the stadium. You can even order an entire pizza from Dominoes or Papa John’s to share with your friends. There are games every day of the week except Mondays starting in the spring and running through mid-fall giving you plenty of opportunity to fit it into your schedule.

Now if all that is not enough to convince you it’s worth your time, the cheering section and the songs they chant as each player comes to bat is what really skyrockets Korean baseball into an incredible experience. As your team comes up to bat, you rise to your feet, thunder sticks in hand, to cheer on the player. Usually the cheer consists of singing the player’s name to the tune of pop hits. And if you aren’t sure what to do, just look to the cheerleaders and they will show you exactly what needs to be done. Simply put, it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

If you are sold and want to get tickets, you have a couple options. Jamsil Stadium ticket window will open 2 hours before game time and I have often had luck getting good seats on game day. However, if you choose this route, I recommend arriving the full two hours early to ensure availability. You can also purchase tickets online or at kiosks. Typically the team websites can be challenging for English speakers, but Doosan Bears is a much better resource in English than the LG Twins. Your best bet is to find a Korean friend who can help you purchase them in advance if you want to have them before game day.

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If you are ready to put it on your calendar this summer, the following websites will at least get you started.

Stadium Information:
Doosan Bears Website:

LG Twins Website:

Have fun and be sure to root for the home team!

For more of Mary’s insights into life in Korea, check out her blog Seoul Companion.