Summer Fashion 2014: Decadent Summer Statement Pieces

Summer Fashion

Decadent  Summer Fashion Statement Pieces

It’s that time again, and  for most it needs no introduction!

What happens when you combine a sweltering  Korean summer, with the best festivals, the glamorously- clad, and the world’s most idyllic beaches? This– this my dear, is South Korea and if you’re in the ROK, then chances are you’re vastly aware of the importance of  a great summer wardrobe. It’s simply bigger than a bathing suit. This season it’s about pushing fashion in a new direction via the stunning, yet poignant statement piece.

Le’ statement piece, (as we call it)  has become the playground for provoking or inspiring- a place to be seen,  to be  naughty, or political. It is through the statement piece that anything goes- from weighted ‘80s jewelry paired with demure diamonds (conflict-free) , to boyfriend blazers partnered with delicate frocks… The possibilities are endless. Whether it’s mixing luxury items with minimalist staples or creating streams of innovative accents,   How le’ statement piece is utilized, can be very telling of the individual.

When  creating a flawless statement, one must understand how to use the statement piece as a style springboard.

For one, an effective piece delivers a bold and impeccable punch- Showcasing the depths of one’s personality; core beliefs, and what they consider worthy of excitement. Wearing a striking statement piece is congruent with highlighting aspects of their personality (or multiple personalities) – however eccentric; haunting or whimsical.

It’s about bold pieces; metallics, and lace… It’s about celebrating nostalgia, or creating a world of glamour and decadence. A true statement piece is ‘wearable art’, and we are  the artists..Ahead, you’ll find pieces ready to provoke and inspire.

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Clothing Info

1. Studded satchel bag: Zara, W89,000
2. Woven Ankle Boot: Zara, W89,000
3. Spice Sequin Shorts:, W88,000
4. Crystal, Spice & Everything Nice Jeans:, W140,000
5.Lillies Print Dress with Butterfly Sleeves: StyleNanda, W71,000