Smoking Ban to be Imposed at Han River Parks

Shot courtesy of Ziggymaster via Wikimedia
Shot courtesy of Ziggymaster via Wikimedia

As the government continues to crack down on smoking and alcohol, the Seoul government has announced that at least 11 parks along the Han River will become smoke-free zones as early as July. Anyone caught violating this law will be subject to a W100,000 fine. However, it is said that there will be a 3 to 6-month grace period following the implementation of this law, so violators may not actually face penalties until after this period has passed. The 11 parks that will be enforcing the new law will be Gangseo, Yanghwa, Nanji, Mangwon, Seonyudo, Yeouido, Ichon, Banpo, Jamwon, Ttukseom, Jamsil and Gwangnaru. The city is expecting to face considerable backlash from smokers regarding this law, but they have asserted that they will take any steps necessary to ensure a smooth transition including extending the grace period and the possibility of designated smoking booths.

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