Ship It To Me

Words by Claudia Alas

A handy list of websites that ship to Korea for free.


As expats, sometimes we need clothes in sizes bigger than small. Other times, we’re looking to throw some international styling into the mix. Whatever the call, websites with free international shipping are a godsend. We’ve rounded up a list. You’re welcome.


Women and Men’s Clothing and Accessories

Asos is an accessible and affordable, high street online retailer hailing from the UK. With endorsements from the likes of Michelle Obama, Jessica Alba and cult like following from every street chic girl, what’s not to love?

From Mouseclick to Doorstep in 9-28 working days

The Details: Get a whole new wardrobe or get a tube of lipgloss. It’s free shipping regardless of minimum purchase. For return items, customer needs to pay for return shipping.



Beauty Products

Are you finding it hard to find your favourite makeup, hair, body, face or beauty accessory brand while in Korea? Chances are Beauty Bay, UK’s largest online retailer of luxury beauty products, carries it.

From Mouseclick to Doorstep in 7-10 working days

The Details: No minimum purchase for free shipping. Free returns for unused and unopened items within 14 days after a complicated process to request a free return label.



Beauty Products

Feel Unique is a one stop shop if you are looking for top luxury beauty items, men grooming products, and health and nutrition-related brands. With over 500 brands to choose from, you won’t leave this UK-based site empty handed.

From Mouseclick to Doorstep in 7-14 working days

The Details: Return items must be unused and unopened, and return shipping is not free.


Book Depository


Book Depository offers free delivery worldwide shipping regardless of weight, value, or destination. This UK-based site has a selection of over 9 million books to choose from. Bookworms rejoice!

From Mouseclick to Doorstep in 7-10 working days

The Details: Returns okay if in perfect condition and received within 30 days.



StickyGram is a website that creates magnets out of your chosen Instagram pictures! The site is simple to use and in a few seconds, you can create adorable and affordable magnets to keep…or to give!

From Mouseclick to Doorstep in 7-14 working days



Women’s Clothing and Accessories

Shopbop is a boutique-style, online retailer of highend designer goods for the chic, modern woman. It’s known for its on-point trendspotting and outstanding customer service.

From Mouseclick to Doorstep in 7-20 working days

The Details: Free shipping over $100 (not a difficult minimum to reach on Shopbop). Returns allowed within 30 days in original condition.


Revolve Clothing

Women and Men’s Clothing and Accessories

Revolve Clothing showcases a massive collection of the world’s most coveted brands, making it the top go-to site for the ultimate cool-girl and cool-boy.

From Mouseclick to Doorstep in 5-10 working days

The Details: Free shipping for over $100 ($10 shipping for purchase totals less than $100). Returns within 30 days.



Women’s Clothing and Accessories

Oasap is a fairly new in the world of online shopping sites, but it’s by no means an amateur. It boasts an impressive online merchandise of clothing, shoes, and accessories with 300 new affordable products added every week.

From Mouseclick to Doorstep in 15-25 working days

The Details: 30 days unconditional return; buyer must pay for return shipping.



Women’s Clothing and Accessories

You’re a single click away from becoming a member of California-based Tobi, an online based, member’s only boutique. Tobi offers stylish, affordable clothing, shoes, and accessories deals for girls looking for that effortless, California chic style.

From Mouseclick to Doorstep in 2-4 weeks

The Details: Free shipping for totals over $100 ($9.95 for totals less than $100). Returns allowed within 30 days in original condition.



Women’s Clothing and Accessories

Romwe is a Chinese-based online store, selling clothing, shoes, and accessories. It’s a street-style based shop, updating its never-ending list of incredibly affordable merchandise every single day, sometimes adding up to 100 new pieces daily!

From Mouseclick to Doorstep in 10-20 working days

The Details: Free shipping with no minimum purchase. You’ve got 60 days to return an item though you’ll have to foot the return shipping bill.


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