Seoul Seafood Show 2015

What: Seoul Seafood Show 2015
Where: COEX Korea Exhibition Center C-Hall
When:  4/15 – 4/17
Price: W5,000
Endorsed by Korea Fisheries Association
Organized by B2EXPO., LTD
Sponsored by Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries

100 Years of Health
“K-Fish 100 Years of Health” is displayed in Korean calligraphy as you enter this years Seoul Seafood Show. This slogan fits well with the display of products like 김 (Korean seaweed) and 멸치 (dried anchovies), both important staples in traditional Korean cuisine.

Dongwon Giant
The star of the show however, was Korea’s Dongwon Industries. The company was selected in February of this year as one of KOREA’S Most Admired Companies (1st in Fishery). Their booth is strategically placed in the beginning of the exhibition. If you go around 10 am, you can see their huge tuna on display, worth around $3000, according to the fishmonger at the stand. The booth also offers salmon sashimi samples, however trying to get a piece is comparable to getting a seat on the subway during rush hour.
At around 12 pm and 2 pm, in the back of the hall there is a live tuna cutting demonstration.

Worth checking out
20150415_113331I presumed there would be more opportunities to sample and/or buy seafood to eat from other countries, but most of the fully functioning booths were from Korea. Here are a few booths/areas worth perusing.
-Dongwon Industries (
Tuna demonstration, various types of smoked salmon, and other goods.
-Jeju Olive Flounder ( Established by Jeju National University to initiate sustainable aquaculture in 2012. You can buy fresh olive flounder from their booth.
-Oyster Hanging Culture Fisheries Cooperative (
The ajumma handing out samples really wants you to try their oysters.
-Sokcho Red Snow Crab Industrialization Agency (
The booth has vacuum packed frozen crab items available for purchase as well as various fried crab snacks on a stick. Yes.
-Seoul International Seafood Cooking Contest 2015
This is in the back of the hall near the tuna cutting demonstration.
This exhibition is great if you are in the seafood processing industry and are interested in seeing what new packaging, equipment, and products are available in the market. If you are a visitor who loves seafood and cooks every now and then, you might find a product you can’t get at your local market.