Seoul Hanok Expo 2016

As far as traditional Korean experiences go, the hanok is hard to match. Most visitors to Korea will have at some point experienced the tranquil wonder of a day spent lost in the back streets of places like Bukchon.

A far cry from the hustle and bustle Korea is famous for, after navigating neighborhoods of cobblestone streets framed by ornate roofs and doorways that hide tea houses, handicrafts shops, and homes, the hanok brings to life a very different side to Korea.

Whilst the survival of the hanok is forever at the mercy of overzealous developers, enclaves have persevered around Korea and the torch continues to be carried by a dedicated few.

Learn more about the house in which Korean history and architecture converges this February at the 2016 Seoul Hanok Expo — a traditional housing fair in Korea that sees over 300 companies come together to exhibit everything from traditional building materials, interior design, traditional construction methodologies and more.

As well as countless displays to explore, multiple experience programs are on offer. Learn more about hanok construction with national master craftsmen as they exhibit each sequence of traditional hanok building,or visit a craftsmen flea market where new and young craftsmen peddle their traditional wares at affordable prices.

Those with no hope of ever inhabiting a hanok themselves can learn how to emulate the traditional FEBRUARY 18 – 21 interior design with displays of furniture and arts that filled hanoks of old. Or, tea enthusiasts can take time to learn more about the traditional tea houses that reside in many-a hanok, or take part in the hanji fair, where craftsmen exhibit the process of making traditional Korean paper. Finally, as part of the program, there are of course plenty of hanok tours to be had.

Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention (SETEC). 10 am – 6 pm. Free Admission., 02-741-3576

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