Seoul Foodie Find: Set Up Next to Gyeongnidan Road

Set Up Next to Gyeongnidan Road

By Grace Yu and Celeste Maturen
Photos by Shin Yong-cheol (신용철)

경리단 옆에 차렸다

At 3 am on any given day of the week a single glowing beacon of light stands amidst a chain of closed shops. The name of this latest foodie find is Gyeongnidan Yeopae Charyeotda (경리단 옆에 차렸다), which literally translates as “Set up Next to Gyeongnidan Road.” Open for dinner and nocturnal feasting, the chef of this joint serves up casual Japanese cuisine with a Korean fusion-twist that won’t disappoint your tastebuds. Like its name, the menu is (currently) only in Hangul, but contains pictures that more than suffice. Honestly, everything on the menu is delicious. Some crowd favorites include the spicy chicken stir fry (maekom dalk bokkeum) and the teriyaki beef (salchisal beoreotbokkeum) sautéed with onions and mushrooms. Seafood lovers must try the sashimi-inspired bowl (domihoe deopbab) full of fresh vegetables, raw fish, and rice. Another dish, the fish-cake soup (modeum oden), with its savory broth and fresh assortment of seafood (optional) is perfect on a cold winter’s night. Spirits include soju, sake and Cass.

With glass walls that open up during the summer, this little place provides an intimate setting where customers have an excellent view of the chef working behind the bar. These cozy quarters are perfect for date night and late night.

Open: 6 pm to ~ 4-5 am daily
Phone: 02-749-2916
Address: 673 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu Seoul

경리단 옆에 차렸다


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